2018 BMW X2 First Uncovered Spy Photo

The 2018 BMW X2 comes as the newest model from the German’s automotive giant, the Bavarian Motor Works. This offering is slated to introduce a bold new design formula on the small sports crossover SUVs lineup. The latest X2 is a luxury SUV that will not only provide an off-road thrill but will also achieve a leisurely driving experience.

According to the automaker, the 2018 BMW X2 combines all the best features of its previous SUVs to craft an athletic alternative to its efficient X1 variant. It combines attractive and sporty looks with excellent performance, so it satisfies whoever is searching for practicality and enjoyment in an SUV. The X2 is certainly geared toward challenging the Audi Q3, Infiniti QX 30, and the Range Rover Evoque.

2018 BMW X2 front

2018 BMW X2 – More Aggressive Design

Regarding the exterior look, we noticed that the 2018 BMW X2 is a more sleeker-looking and aggressive version of the X1. This SUV is small, compact and built way closer to the ground compared to other SUV models. It presents an aggressive-looking front fascia alongside a sleek and utterly sculpted rear end. German engineers opted to incorporate a steeply raked rear windscreen, sculpted side skirts and lop-sided wheel arches that give it a sporty feel.

Additionally, the designers have included a set of slim brake-lights to complement the overall exterior look. The most prominent exterior feature in this model is the sloped roofline. This creates a sleek rear end while also giving the X2 model a fluid silhouette. Lastly, we can also observe a more striking two-kidney grille as well as oversized air intakes in this SUV.

The interior section of the 2018 BMW X2 draws inspirations from the 5 Series’ luxurious cabin. Hence, its interior provides utmost comfort and all the luxury you would expect. But due to the significantly sloped roof, never expect to get too much headroom and legroom in the rear.

Nevertheless, the X2 offers enough space in the front. It is also likely to convey the right amount of cargo room. As far as interior materials go, this model will most probably include high-quality leather, glossy metal, and exotic wood. Its cabin will host an advanced navigation and cruise control along with an 8.8-inch touchscreen display. We might also find a Harman Kardon sound system and climate control among others.

2018 BMW X2

Turbocharged Engine

The reliable source gave us a hint that the 2018 BMW X2 will utilize the same engine stacked under the hood of the X1. Therefore, it might get equipped with a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that punches out over 200 horsepower. Also, the rumor has it that this model will include a diesel variant as well. The car’s powertrain gets hooked to an eight-speed automatic gearbox.

Estimated Arrival and Price

The 2018 BMW X2 will be revealed in its full form at the Frankfurt Motor Show early next year. Deliveries to the UK are scheduled to begin later the same year. The X2 is likely to be valued at roughly $40,000. We are excited to see how this model is going to perform in its segment. Remember, a lot of reviews have praised it in the past. Let’s wait and see whether or not it will deliver on its mandates.

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