2018 DS7 Crossback SUV Review

A new premium division of Citroen will finally offer a crossover for the European market, which will come as 2018 DS7 Crossback SUV. The new model had its premiere this summer and production are about to start in early 2018.

The new model will be offered in Europe first, but we expect to see it available in China and some other parts of the world as well. It rides on a familiar EMP2 architecture, which is in use for models like Peugeot 3008 and C5 Aircross. The new model will utilize the brand’s latest recognizable design philosophy and we expect it to be one of the key players on the market.

2018 DS7 Crossback SUV

2018 DS7 Crossback SUV design

The 2018 DS7 Crossback SUV will be a brand-new model from the Citroen’s luxury division. It already had a premiere, while the production will start early next year. The new model rides on a familiar EMP2 architecture and it is a large family premium crossover. The design of the new model is simply amazing. It comes with a familiar grille design and brand’s recognizable, absolutely amazing rotating headlights. The whole body comes with plenty of chrome details, which give an additional dose of premium flavor. The front end is highlighted with the new bumper that comes with new daytime vertical running LED lights. The rear end of the new crossover is a little bit simpler. Still, it comes with plenty of details, such as huge square exhaust tips etc.

2018 DS7 Crossback SUV interior design

On the premiere, many agreed that the exterior design is amazing. They also agreed that the interior is even more impressive. The 2018 DS7 Crossback SUV definitely stands out. The company wanted to make this crossover unique, so there are many beautiful details inside. For example, there is a unique air-vents design, pretty much different from any other car. One of the highlights is also a huge 12-inch touchscreen that definitely gives that premium flavor. Instead of the traditional instrument cluster, there is an equally large screen here too, so there are actually two huge 12-inch screens inside the car. The 2018 DS7 Crossback SUV features Nappa leather seats, so we can’t expect anything else but unbeatable French comfort from this model.

2018 DS7 Crossback SUV interior

2018 DS7 Crossback SUV DS Connected Pilot

One of the most interesting features of 2018 DS7 Crossback SUV is a DS Connected Pilot. This system is able to act as a driver, primarily on a highway. It combines active cruise control with the late keep assist systems and it works at speeds between 20 and 120 miles per hour, roughly. This amazing system also includes an automatic parking.

2018 DS7 Crossback SUV powertrain

The 2018 DS7 Crossback SUV will come with a hybrid powertrain. There is a familiar 2.0-liter engine that will come in a combination with two electric motors, one for each axle. While the gasoline unit is good for about 200 horses, electric motors deliver around 110 horses combined. Because of a different peak, total output goes around 300 horsepower. This system features a 13-kWh battery pack, which can be fully recharged in about 4.5 hours on street and around 2.5 hours with a fast charger. An all-electric range is around 40 miles.

Besides this hybrid version, the new 2018 Crossback SUV will also come in conventional gasoline and diesel variants. There are three gasoline versions, with 130, 180 and 225 horsepower. When it comes to diesel units, there are two variants, with 130 and 180 horses.

2018 DS7 Crossback SUV side view

2018 DS7 Crossback SUV release date

The 2018 DS7 Crossback SUV will most likely hit the market next spring. So far, we know that the new model will be produced in assemblies in France and China. Also, the first models that will come will be some kind of a limited edition, called DS Crossback La Premiere. These models will be offered exclusively with the most powerful variants of gasoline and diesel engines, in a pair with an 8-speed automatic transmission.

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