2018 Lotus SUV Rumors, Specs

Lotus is all set to make a comeback to the automobile market in the SUV department with the launch of its new crossover version named 2018 Lotus SUV. This model would be made in China and at first would be out in the major Eastern markets before entering in Japan and Europe.

The model is most likely to be introduced in the US market. It is certainly going to be a premium one with a robust performance and scintillating appearance.

The car would also use top-class materials so as to make it convenient for all travelers. Efforts are also on to make the 2018 Lotus SUV the fastest and the best in its class. It will compete for neck-to-neck with Bentley and Aston Martin.

2018 Lotus SUV front

2018 Lotus SUV – Design and Specifications

The external appearance of 2018 Lotus SUV would definitely meet the demands and expectations of the sport. The 2018 Lotus SUV would especially be designed to attract the Y-generation being made from exceedingly top-notch products. The entire structure is quite similar to that of the Lotus APX in more ways than one.

The SUV can accommodate 5 passengers. It is the environment system that would be controlling the temperature of the car. This goes to show that a definite temperature is kept in the car within the cabin in spite of exterior weathers. Moreover, the brand-new model is also endowed with an updated infotainment system. Again, efforts are on to make sure that the Lotus SUV goes down as a vehicle fitting and fulfilling the owner’s requirement for years to follow.

2018 Lotus SUV interior

Engine Rumors

The equipment that would be offered with certainty is a 3.5-liter V6 engine.  The engine generates 302-pound-feet of torque and 400 horsepower. Hybrid, as well as diesel option, is also offered in the Lotus SUV for the European market.

Cost, Release Date and Conclusion

As regards to the price of the new SUV, well, in all likeliness it is going to be on the higher side commanding over a whopping amount of $100,000. The base model might start at a price of just a shade under $80,000. The car is set to be launched either at the end of 2017 or at the prelude of 2018.

The spacious 2018 Lotus SUV, whose production is going on in China and is produced by a British manufacturer, is expected to be one of the fastest and lightest in its category. It is going to be known for its versatility and utility.

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