2018 Range Rover Vogue Facelift

From the initial model till the 2017 one the Range Rover has evolved quite a bit but the 2018 Range Rover Vogue version is an upgradation like none before. The difference with the 2017 model exterior is very minimal. The main USP of the new model is the revamped plush interior and the uniquely reinforced engine.

The new interface, the plug-in hybrid option is aimed for the 2019 upgrade, the low emission aspect, and the new EV mode boosts the performance meter of the 2018 Range Rover Vogue many miles ahead of the previous versions.

2018 Range Rover Vogue front

2018 Range Rover Vogue – Box-Shaped Design

Range Rover is one of the most preferred SUVs in the market. The latest model of Range Rover series, Vogue 2018 is basically box-shaped having very little visual difference with the previous model. The unique exterior features the new 12 spoke style alloy wheels, molded yet fine almost box built, a new styled headlight and a brand new front.

However, the new headlights are Matrix Pixel Led with square look and range Rover signature running daytime lights for Advanced Driving Beam and adaptive light feature. The front has been re-engineered with a newly meshed up grille and an elegant yet sturdy new bumper.

The new interior of the 2018 Range Rover Vogue will be aspiration from the Velar sibling. The interior is quite digitalized than the previous version. Almost all the controls are also shifted from the analog set to the Touch Pro Duo system. The system features two 10 inches LED touchscreens one containing the infotainment functions for the interior space and the other contains the climate control and vehicular control functions.

The seats are Windsor leather ones with a high quotient of luxury and comfort. It also contains automated heat control function and also has memory functions. The rear passenger seat is almost similar to a corporate office. The comfort also including latest tech and luxury.

Hi-Tech Features

The 2018 Range Rover Vogue is a Hi-Fi SUV that will be the breakthrough in this genre of vehicle. The additional features are 12V, USB and also HDMI sockets all around the interior making it an office. The seats contain massage feature and the sunblind is gesture controlled.

There is a 4G WI-Fi hotspot in the car to support as many as 8 devices. Apart from these, the activity Key is the specialty of 2018 Range Rover Vogue that allows the rider to operate the care remotely all while the actual key is locked inside the keyhole. The car handles are smartly locked and alarmed and the doors have soft closure feature. Some other exciting features are 360 degree overhead viewing cameras, rear view cameras, blind spot monitor, parking sensors, traffic signal, lane detector, automatic braking and also an adaptive cruise control. The Meridian sound system adds the extra flair to the internal entertainment ambiance.

2018 Range Rover Vogue interior

2018 Range Rover Vogue – Eco-Friendly Engine

What 2018 Range Rover Vogue really offers is the efficient and eco-friendly engine. The greatest addition to the Vogue is the plug-in hybrid option that will change the thoughts of SUV riders. The P400e model in actuality combines a petrol engine of 2.0 liters with an electric motor. Combined it delivers an output of 380 HP. The acceleration takes 6.4 seconds only to reach 60mph. The top speed is 137mph. The CO2 emission is 64g/km which is way lower than any other model practically making Range River Vogue an eco-friendly car. This is mainly due to the electric motor function which alone could take the car for a ride of 31 miles.

The Vogue and all its trims are 8-Speed Automatic Transmission models. Other trims of Vogue are TDV6 & SDV8 diesel models and V8 SUPERCHARGED petrol model. TDV6 is the most real fuel economy with acceleration at 8 sec, 130 max speed.

2018 Range Rover Vogue rear

2018 Range Rover Vogue – Availability and Affordability

The new model 2018 Range Rover Vogue will be available at the start of 2018. The plug-in hybrid version will come in the middle of 2018. The initial price will be around $51,000 according to the showroom locale. The price of Vogue will vary accordingly with the trim and customization.

Summing it up:

The upcoming SUV is the perfect mix of adventure & relaxation that will also guarantee an elegant ride of satisfaction and there is no doubt over the fact that it is going to outdo all its previous versions.

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