2018 Renault Koleos comes with Attractive Design

The 2018 Renault Koleos is all set to be getting a huge refresh and upgrade. Indeed the new model would be enduring some marked and massive changes. Some fantastic innovations are waiting to be unfolded in this SUV.

The Renault has taken this endeavor of preparing 2018 Renault Koleos very seriously to say the least. The high-quality software and optimum effectiveness are going to be implemented in the making of this model.

2018 Renault Koleos front

2018 Renault Koleos – Modern and Splendid Design

The 2018 Renault Koleos would be endowed with LED mist lights as well as a front guard. Its headlights and taillights would be equipped with scintillating LED knobs. The weight of the car would go down compared to its previous models owing to the use of aluminum metal and hence the performance is going to go up by a fair margin.

The automobile would be having an 18-inch amalgam wheels. The inside of the new Koleos would be exceedingly modern and splendid. The seats of 2018 Renault Koleos would be highly agreeable due to the use of supreme quality calfskin. The cabin would be really a spacious one good to accommodate 8 passengers. Special emphasis has been given on the making of the design of the car in order to make it more amazing and also attractive.

Security Features

The driving experience is most likely to be enhanced to a great effect with security functions such as automatic braking, parking support and blind spot warning. The huge 8 -inch touchscreen display, Premium audio-system, current aerating and cooling, Bluetooth, USB, stopping sensors, route, rear-view camera, versatile journey control, Wi-Fi, adaptive cruise control, traction control, navigation, footing control are also there to enlighten the specs of the car to a greater degree. The Renault Koleos 2018 will certainly be equipped with all-wheel drive.

2018 Renault Koleos interior

Engine Performance

The engine would also undergo upgradation in all likeliness. There would be present a 1.6-litre turbocharged V4 petrol motor. The unit is capable of leveraging 235 lb-feet of torque and yields of 160 pull. The second one comes with a 2.0-liter petrol engine that is capable of producing 143 horsepower. The last and powerful one is 2.5-liter petrol motor that will generate up to 170 horsepower.

2018 Renault Koleos rear

Cost and Availability

The price of the 2018 Renault Koleos would definitely be competitive and comparatively quite higher than that of its predecessors as expected with a plethora of features being added along with a number of refreshing upgradations taking place. The base price of 2018 Renault Koleos would be no more than $21,000. However, prices of upper trims may be well over $30,000 with added features. Its release date is set for the beginning of 2018.

Wrap Up

No doubt that the new Renault Koleos would be a far superior model than that of its previous versions from a multitudinous of ways and would provide the car-loving community with plenty to look forward to.

Top rivals of 2018 Renault Koleos would be the Nissan X-Trail and Mitsubishi Outlander. There is plenty of hype that has been created surrounding the car. In terms of car quality and comfort factor, there is absolutely no denying the fact that the Renault Koleos would certainly be right amongst the top.

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