2019 BMW Fuel Cell SUV Review

Although this Bavarian brand is one of the most recognizable manufacturers in the world, its full-size 2019 BMW Fuel Cell SUV will come only this year. So far, the biggest SUV in the company’s lineup was the amazing X5. This is probably the most popular mid-size crossover on the market nowadays and many of us will be excited to finally see its enlarged version. The brand-new full-size crossover is expected to borrow many design solutions from X5.

However, there are many completely new things to come, including new design language, interior design etc. Though, all this is pretty much nothing compared to what we are going to see under the hood. The Bavarian carmaker will go for a fuel-cell technology. This isn’t new in BMW cars, but the 2019 Fuel Cell SUV should be the first production model to come with this feature. Expect its arrival in late 2018.

2019 bmw fuel cell suv

2019 BMW Fuel Cell SUV design

The 2019 BMW Fuel Cell SUV will be a completely new model. The company will finally introduce a full-size SUV, after many years of waiting. This will be a new flagship model and it will come with plenty of new technologies and design solutions. Although it will use many solutions from the smaller X5, the core of the new crossover will be a new version of the OKL platform, which underprints the current 7-Series sedan. It is a new platform that utilizes some new technologies, including massive use of lightweight materials, such as magnesium and aluminum. This will provide some significant weight saving, which is very important if we consider that there is a heavy battery to come.

On the inside, the 2019 BMW Fuel Cell SUV will be much roomier than X5, so we could expect to see three rows of seats in base models.

2019 bmw fuel cell suv interior

2019 BMW Fuel Cell SUV styling

For the new flagship model, there is a new styling. Latest reports suggest that the new 2019 BMW Fuel Cell SUV will stick close to what we saw last year at the Frankfurt Show. So, there is a completely new design language to come. Of course, the base contour will be familiar, similar to the X5. On the other side, there is a new styling philosophy. It consists of various new details, especially at the front. In this area, we expect to see the brand’s new version of the company’s recognizable kidney grille, as well as we shape of headlights. Of course there are many other new things to come, but those are some of highlight. Rear end will also receive new elements and some of them will be directly inspired by the smaller X5. On the other side, interior design should be close to the new 7-Series.

2019 BMW Fuel Cell SUV powertrain

Latest reports suggest that this crossover will be BMW’s first production model with the fuel cell technology. However, this isn’t the first time that Bavarian carmaker uses this kind of powertrain. We saw it few times in concept cars like i8 and 5-Series Gran Turismo concepts. At the moment, details about the new powertrain are completely unknown. Of course, this will not be the only powertrain choice for the new SUV. Expect internal-combustion engines in the offer as well, including diesel units too. Hybrid versions are also expected.

2019 bmw fuel cell suv side view

2019 BMW Fuel Cell SUV release date

The brand-new 2019 BMW Fuel Cell SUV should come to the market by the end of year. It is still early to talk about price. When it comes to the competition, there are various full-size SUVs on the market. The main rival will be from Mercedes-Benz for sure, but there are also models like Range Rover and others.

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