2019 BMW X5 Changes (Interior and Exterior)

The BMW X5 is coming in a completely new version, as 2019 BMW X5. Earlier than probably anyone expected, the next generation of the iconic mid-size crossover is coming by the end of the year. So far, this model had a usual production cycle of seven years. In this case, it will be quite shorter.

The outgoing model is present since 2013, so it will be replaced after only five years. You may wonder why BMW has decided to do such thing. Reasons are numerous. The new 2019 X5 will become more competitive for sure, but the main reason is quick adopting of the new architecture. The new generation will benefit a lot from the new platform. It has been applied already on X3, so we expect no problems in this case. Of course, there are some additional novelties, such as new styling, as well as the new engine.

2019 BMW X5 comes with the completely new architecture

Reasons for this earlier redesign are numerous. Still, the main thing about this move is the availability of a completely new architecture. A few years ago, the company developed a new, highly modular CLAR platform, which comes with tons of new design solutions. Few models from the Bavarian manufacturer already use this architecture and 2019 BMW X5 is next. There are few other, even older models that wait to get a new platform, but bestsellers have always had priority. So, what are the benefits of the new architecture?

2019 BMW X5

Well, there are many of them. Of course, weight reduction is always in the top place. There are various new materials that will save overall weight. Also, expect to see many new design solutions on the chassis, which will ensure even more amazing driving experience. With the new platform, 2019 BMW X5 will have the capability to carry more passengers as well.

2019 BMW X5 new styling

Redesigns always bring a new look. This one won’t be an exception. The 2019 BMW X5 is about to get a new styling. This is one of the most consistent manufacturers when it comes to styling, so expect to see a continuation of the BMW’s famous design philosophy. Compared to the outgoing model, we definitely won’t see some radical shape. Base dimensions and proportions will remain pretty much the same, while the further improvement of the brand’s famous kindle grille design philosophy will carry on.

Speaking of interior design, we definitely won’t see some significant novelties. Expect some borrowings from new models like X3, 7 Series etc. It is also important to mention that the optional third row of seats will be certainly in the offer.

2019 BMW X5 interior

2019 BMW X5 engines ( gasoline, diesel, plug-in hybrid )

One of the most interesting novelties for the fourth generation will be a new six-cylinder gasoline engine. The company has developed a completely new 3.0-liter inline-six, which delivers around 320 horses. Besides this new unit, the rest of the engine lineup should continue without changes. There is a famous 4.4-liter V8 bi-turbo engine, which is good for about 445 horsepower.

Speaking of diesel, a 3.0-liter six-cylinder unit delivers around 310 horses. On markets such as Europe, there is a smaller 2.0-liter diesel engine in the offer as well.

Finally, a plug-in hybrid with 310 horses continues without changes as well. All versions will include the same 8-speed automatic gearbox.

2019 BMW X5 spy shots

2019 BMW X5 release date in July

The production of the next generation is scheduled for this summer. It should start in July, so we should see it on the market soon after. On the other side, details about price are still unknown but we don’t believe in some bigger changes compared to the outgoing model. So, base models should cost under 60.000 dollars.

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