2019 Buick Enspire Release date, Interior, Specs

If we can rely on latest reports, the recently-presented concept could come as a serial production car already as 2019 Buick Enspire. The new all-electric concept has its premiere at the recent Beijing Motor Show and that isn’t surprising at all. China is Buick’s primary market, where it marks far better sales compared to North America. Also, the government is pushing very hard on car electrification, so we could expect that China will be one of the first markets to completely abandon internal combustion engines.

2019 buick enspire front view

Finally, it is a matter of prestige. After Tesla’s launch, every premium carmaker started to work fact on completely new, electrified lineups. Since Buick wants to retain its premium status on the market, this seems like a logical step. The new model could hit the market already in the next year, as 2019 Enspire.

2019 Buick Enspire design

So far, it is hard to say how closely will the new 2019 Buick Enspire resemble the concept version. The recent auto show in Beijing showed us a pretty attractive crossover, which seems to be way ahead of the brand’s current design language. Is this how Buick models will look like in the future, it is hard to say. Anyway, you can notice a lot of sharp lines, unusual for this brand. The front end comes with easy-notable attractive narrow LED lighting, while one of the interesting details is also front bumper. Interestingly, it comes with air intakes.

At this point, we can’t say is this only a cosmetic detail, or it will be providing fresh air to cool electric motors and battery. On the other side, a blue grille definitely makes it clear that there is no internal-combustion engine under the hood, that requires air-cooling. At the rear end, you may notice a roofline that has a bit of familiarity with some GMC models, though the other parts of the rear end are completely unique. Once again, there is a narrow lighting approach, as well as a rear bumper with openings for air flow.

2019 buick enspire rear view

2019 Buick Enspire interior

The cabin of the new concept looks very futuristic but keeps a huge dose of elegance. The first thing you’ll notice is plenty of horizontal and curvy lines all over the cabin. A large touchscreen follows these lines and comes with a pretty unusual shape. Pretty much all controls are digital, which a new steering wheel makes it clear that this is both performance and luxury car. Also, you can notice a bunch of chrome details, which accentuate the car’s sporty character. Considering such a futuristic approach, it is hard to say, how much the production model will mimic the concept. Of course, the company will want to cut expenses, so installation of a more production-friendly dashboard and other parts of the cabin seems pretty certain.

2019 buick enspire interior


2019 Buick Enspire powertrain and performances

Another important aspect of the new 2019 Buick Enspire is powertrain. GM already has a decent experience in building electric powertrains, as well as few successful electric cars in its lineup. However, we have never seen such hi-performance electric cars from any of GM’s brands. This one comes with a pretty potent electric powertrain, which delivers around 550 horsepower. Such amount of power guarantees excellent performances, so 0-60 time should figure around 4 seconds.

Besides such amazing performances, the company also promises amazing autonomy. According to the latest reports, this crossover will be able to make 370 miles on a single charge. Moreover, there will be a fast-charging option. In just 40 minutes, you will be able to charge 80% of the battery. This would be enough for almost 300 miles. When it comes to the drivetrain, it is still unclear whether we are going to see an AWD layout or not.

2019 buick enspire review

2019 Buick Enspire production

Though introduced just a few months ago, it seems that this concept is already about to get a production version. Latest reports suggest that the 2019 Buick Enspire could come already in the next year. Still, it remains unclear how closely the production model will resemble this beautiful concept. In any way, this would be a huge refresh of the Buick’s lineup. An electric crossover will just confirm brand’s good position at the Chinese market. On the other side, a luxury crossover like this seems like a good tool to re-establish a good reputation on the U.S. market.

When it comes to potential competitors, a few of the major manufacturers already work on their all-electric crossovers. Some of the models could be direct rivals are the upcoming Jaguar I-Pace, as well as the new Audi e-tron Quattro, which is also in a late stage of development.

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