2019 Chevy Traverse Review, Specs

If we consider that this crossover came completely redesigned this year, it is hard to expect some bigger changes for the 2019 Chevy Traverse. The new model is not just redesigned, but also comes with some significant design changes. All this indicate that there isn’t too much space for bigger modifications.

The original version of this crossover came in 2009 and after eight years of production, we saw some big changes. The second generation has grown bigger, so it is now a full-size crossover. This upgrade brings many other improvements, such as better engines, new design solutions etc. So, if we consider these changes, it seems very likely that the 2019 Traverse will come without modifications.

2019 Chevy Traverse front view

However, we managed to get some insider information about possible changes. According to these reports, we will see smaller tweaks such as new color options, both inside and outside, and some new standard equipment.

2019 Chevy Traverse redesign

The second generation of this model came just recently, so the 2019 Chevy Traverse will feature pretty much the same characteristics as the current 2018 year model. This redesign has brought some significant changes.

First of all, the new model is bigger. While the original was mid-size, this one is a full-size crossover. This upgrade brings many benefits, such as more space, better driving experience etc. The new model rides on a special, long-wheelbase version of the C1 platform, which provides plenty of space inside. Besides new architecture, a new top-range crossover from Chevy also gets a completely new styling, as well as interior design.

It completely follows the latest design language of the brand. Interior looks pretty classy, with elegant lines and hi-quality materials. Also, there is a whole bunch of new hi-technology features in terms of safety, driver assistance, entertainment etc.

2019 Chevy Traverse interior

2019 Chevy Traverse changes

Since the current model is very fresh, changes for 2019 Chevy Traverse will be minor. The new full-size crossover came with so many novelties that there is really no space for some more important tweaks. The mechanical aspect of the vehicle will remain completely the same, as well as exterior and interior design.

On the other side, our reliable source claims that the 2019 Traverse will get few new exterior colors, as well as new interior color schemes. Also, we could see some minor changes in terms of standard features. The current 2018 year model comes with seven trim levels in the offer, and each of them should receive some new standard feature. We don’t know the exact details, but we how that some of the safety features will become available in lower trims too.

2019 Chevy Traverse side view

2019 Chevy Traverse engines

When it comes to engines, things will remain the same. The current model comes with only 3.6-liter V6 in the offer, but the new 2.0-liter four-cylinder unit will be available from early 2018. Both engines will carry on to 2019 Chevy Traverse.

When it comes to V6 unit, it features a max output of 310 horsepower and 266 pound-feet of torque and comes with a new 9-speed automatic transmission. The upcoming 2.0-liter inline-four comes with a turbocharger, which gives an additional torque eventually provide a more convenient ride. For this crossover, it will be configured to feature max output of 257 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque.

It will also come with a 9-speed automatic, which delivers power to front wheels, while the AWD layout will be optional, just like in V6 model.

2019 Chevy Traverse rear view

2019 Chevy Traverse release date and price

Since there will not be some significant changes, the 2019 Chevy Traverse will come in usual time, which is somewhere late in the next year. We also don’t expect changes in price. The base model will go around 30.000 dollars, while top-range versions could go all away up to 45.000 dollars.

Competition in this segment is tough. There are some amazing crossovers such as Toyota Highlander, Honda Pilot, Nissan Murano, Ford Edge, etc.

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  1. Would be nice if they would add back the electric folding rear mirrors.
    Also, from what I’ve read, the auto start/stop feature seems to be contentious with no override.
    We’ve had Blazers, TrailBlazer and now a ’13 Traverse. That start/stop item might make the difference in not purchasing the new model.

    • Holly Richardson

      I couldn’t agree more, the reason I’m on this website is to see if the ’19 has a switch to turn the start/stop feature off, like Volvo has.

      • use the manual selector on the gear selector.
        you can lockout the start/stop by using speed 8 or 9 in manual mode.
        there is also some talk(not confirmed) that if yours has a trailering package hook up the7 pin harness into the receiver and it will trick computer into thinking you are pulling trailer and will not shut off at a stop

  2. Hope they add the 8 passenger option for the leather seat trims otherwise they loose me.

  3. Would Like to see the LT leather model come with 18″wheels with 255x65x18″ tires much better ride than the 20″ with 255x55x20 tires. The higher x pol ratio is much better on Michigan pot hole roads also include a turn off switch for the stop start feature.

  4. I would buy a Traverse IF there was an Off switch for the start/stop option.

  5. The start stop sucks, we have had ours for one year and already having some transmission issues. Would not bye one again without an option to not use it. We have done the whole manual override and it’s just not convenient.

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