2019 Ford EcoSport Review, Price

The 2019 Ford EcoSport will come with some nice updates. According to latest reports, the recently-presented new version of this small crossover will enter production next year. To remind you, the original model of this crossover was designed for the Brazilian market. However, the company decided to expand it to other parts of the world. So, the second generation is produced and offered on various markets, such as India, Russia, South East Asia, Mexico etc.

This model came in 2013, so we can presume that the next year is a perfect time for a facelift. This will be a quite big update, which will include various kinds of changes. The company prepared many novelties that will definitely keep the model fresh and competitive in upcoming years. The new 2019 EcoSport will come next year, but the more precise launch date will depend on the market.

2019 Ford Ecosport

2019 Ford EcoSport exterior changes

This update includes various kinds of changes, but the focus in on the new visual appearance. The new exterior design will make the crossover look fresher, which is definitely one of the most important things in the modern car industry. A great quality doesn’t mean much, if there is no modern styling. The company prepared various exterior changes for this occasion. Although the base shape remains the same, there is a whole bunch of new details. Most of them are naturally at the front end. The first thing that you will notice is a new grille design, which closely resemble some more famous Ford models, such as the iconic F-150 truck. Many details are borrowed from the newest version of the brand’s famous small hatchback Fiesta as well. Also, there is a new ST performance version, which features unique bumpers, bigger wheels and several other sporty details.

2019 Ford Ecosport side view

2019 Ford EcoSport interior changes

The great thing about 2019 Ford EcoSport is that the interior follows all those outside changes. These kinds of updates are usually about the exterior, but this model gives us much more than we expected. The new model imports many new features from the newest Fiesta. So, there are new parts like new steering wheel, gearstick, center-console and infotainment system, all same as in Fiesta. The 2019 Ford EcoSport will feature the newest version of the company’s familiar SYNC 3 infotainment system, smartphone integration, Bluetooth etc. Depending on trim level, there are touchscreens of different sizes, for 4.2 to 8 inches.

2019 Ford EcoSport engines

Depending on the market, the 2019 Ford EcoSport will come with different engines in the offer. There is a whole palette of various units with various output configurations.

One of the most common and most demanding engines will definitely be a familiar 1.5-liter diesel unit, which delivers around 125 horses and comes with a new 6-speed automatic transmission. On some markets, this unit delivers around 90 horses and features even better fuel economy.

There is also a familiar 1.0-liter gasoline unit, which comes in two output configurations, with 100 and 123 horsepower.

In Russia, the small crossover will continue with two gasoline units. The first one is a 1.6-liter engine, which is good for 122 horsepower. On the other side, a larger 2.0-liter unit delivers around 140 horses and comes with an AWD layout.

2019 Ford Ecosport rear view

2019 Ford EcoSport release date and price

The new 2019 Ford EcoSport will come next year. Exact launch dates will be different, depending on the county, but we are pretty sure that all markets will receive a new model in the second half of 2018. Price will also vary, depending on the country. The exact sum for each mode should be announced soon, but we don’t expect bigger changes compared to current models.

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