2019 Ford Escape Hybrid Review

The company works on the next generation of the famous SUV and latest reports suggest that the first model to come is the 2019 Ford Escape Hybrid. The current version doesn’t have electrified version in the offer, so this seems pretty logical. To remind you, the original Escape came in 2000. While the first two generations were designed in North America, the current model is pretty much the same as European model called Kuga. These two models are almost identical and share pretty much the same powertrain, which doesn’t include hybrids.

The previous, second-generation Escape had a hybrid version but it was discontinued in 2013. The new C-Max Hybrid came instead. However, if we consider that most of model’s competitors have their hybrid versions, it definitely has to come back. So, the 2019 Escape Hybrid should be one of the first versions of the new generation to come.

2019 Ford Escape Hybrid

2019 Ford Escape Hybrid redesign

The current version of the famous crossover is present for about six years. So, it is a perfect time for the redesign. The testing model has been spotted already, and it seems that the company tests a new hybrid version. On the testing model, you can clearly notice a lowered bottom, which is most likely storage for the battery. However, this redesign will not include only hybrid, but other versions as well.

The new generation will continue with conventional diesel and gasoline engines as well. However, this report is focused mostly on the new 2019 Ford Escape Hybrid. Except the powertrain, most of other characteristics will be shared with other versions. We are about to see a completely new architecture, which will utilize some light materials. Weight savings will provide better economy, and also better performances. Finally, there are also completely new styling and cabin to come.

2019 Ford Escape Hybrid exterior and interior design

Just like every redesign, this one will also bring a completely new styling. Compared to the current generation, the new one will be characterized by a more mature look. The 2019 Ford Escape Hybrid will come with the new design language, which will be an evolutional step forward compared to the outgoing model. We don’t expect radical changes. We will see a familiar shape, but is a completely new suit. Expect to see a completely new front end, with new headlights, grille etc.

Interior design will be also new. The new cabin will include not only new dashboard and technologies. This redesign will also bring some changes in dimensions. The 2019 Ford Escape Hybrid will be also bigger, so expect a little bit more space inside. However, you should consider that hybrid models demand additional space for batteries, so don’t expect the same level of comfort as on the conventional models.

2019 Ford Escape Hybrid interior

2019 Ford Escape Hybrid powertrain

We don’t have the exact information about powertrain of the new 2019 Ford Escape Hybrid. So far, we are only pretty sure that the new model will be available both in hybrid and plug-in hybrid variant, as Escape Energy. More precise details are still unknown. We presume that the new model will feature some kind of an improved version of the current powertrain that is in use for the C-Max Hybrid.

This model combines a 2.0-gasoline unit with the high-output electric motor and 1.4-kWh battery pack. Total output goes around 188 horsepower, while the all-electric range is around 20 miles. For the new model, we can expect improvements such as more power for the electric motor, new battery with better capacity, better range etc.

2019 Ford Escape Hybrid rear view

2019 Ford Escape Hybrid release date

Although we don’t have exact information, several reports suggest that the new model will come somewhere in the second half of next year. Competition in the segment is pretty tough. Many rivals already have hybrid versions of their crossovers. There are hybrid versions of models like Toyota Rav4, Nissan Rogue, Honda CR-V etc.

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