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2019 Ford Expedition Hybrid Review

The company’s only true SUV came completely new about a year ago and it looks like the new version is about to come, as 2019 Ford Expedition Hybrid. The famous full-size SUV has been redesigned recently so we probably wouldn’t expect bigger changes for the second year of production. However, it looks like there are big plans for such a near future. We are about to see a new, hybrid powertrain.

This would be the first time for Ford to offer an electrified powertrain in some of its body-on-frame vehicles. Of course, we could expect to see the same powertrain in the legendary F-150 truck. So far, we can only presume that the new version will keep the same base characteristics, including shape, interior design, chassis etc. Latest reports suggest 2019 Expedition Hybrid could come already in the next year, though you should take this information with a dose of the reserve.

2019 Ford Expedition Hybrid

2019 Ford Expedition Hybrid powertrain

So, how the new 2019 Ford Expedition Hybrid powertrain will look like? At this point, the company keeps all details about the new version as a secret. So, we will have to rely on rumors at the moment. The current model relies on an efficient 3.5-liter V6 EcoBoost gasoline engine. This one comes in two output variants, with either 375 or 400 horsepower.

Considering this huge amount of power, we can agree that this engine is on par with V8 units, definitely. On the other side, it offers superior efficiency, which makes it significantly more economic. With a new hybrid powertrain, this aspect will be improved even more. However, we still don’t know how the new powertrain will look like. We can say for sure that it will use a V6 engine, though it doesn’t need to be this one. A slightly smaller 2.7-liter unit delivers even more impressive efficiency. Combined with some hi-output electric motor, it will guarantee plenty of power, probably even more than current gasoline versions.

2019 Ford Expedition Hybrid side view

Besides this plug-in hybrid version, we could see an all-electric version in the near future as well. The company already showed us it’s intentions to install electric powertrain in models like F-150 and Mustang, so there is no reason why we shouldn’t see the same thing in this SUV, especially if we consider it’s tight connections with the legendary truck.

2019 Ford Expedition Hybrid redesign

In terms of base design characteristics, the 2019 Ford Expedition Hybrid shouldn’t be changed drastically. We are about to see the styling that came only a year ago. It completely follows the brand’s new design language and has a lot in common with F-150, even in this aspect. The interior design also mimics the legendary truck. There is a familiar dashboard layout, though we would say with a bit of more stylish approach. Spacious cabin guarantees enough room even for the passengers in the third row. Also, the overall quality of the materials seems impressive. Of course, expect to see a little bit less space in both passenger and cargo areas in this particular version, since 2019 Ford Expedition Hybrid will have to sacrifice a bit of space for a battery pack.

In terms of mechanics, we don’t expect bigger modification compared to gasoline models. The 2019 Ford Expedition Hybrid will feature pretty much the same chassis, including the same suspension. On the other side, styling variations are possible. Of course, we are speaking about color options, different wheels design, and other minor details that could accentuate the model’s electrified character. Interior could also get new color schemes but we don’t expect anything more than that.

2019 Ford Expedition Hybrid rear view

2019 Ford Expedition Hybrid equipment

We expect to see 2019 Ford Expedition Hybrid with a full load of standard equipment. Although it’s not 100% for sure, this version will come in a single-trim version, unlike gasoline models. This means a pretty long list of standard features, which will be on par with highest trim levels that the current model offers.

So, let’s be a little bit more specific and say what the buyers of 2019 Ford Expedition Hybrid could expect. From the outside, we should see 18- or 20-inch inch alloy wheels, as well as roof rails as standard features. Count on parking sensors and a rearview camera too.

On the inside, we should see unique color schemes, as well as a sunroof as a part of a standard package. Count on heated and ventilated seats as well. A list of connectivity and other hi-tech features will definitely include things like a large touchscreen, Bluetooth, USB ports, navigation, multi-zone automatic climate control etc. Finally, expect to see a whole bunch of advanced safety and driver assist systems that will make your ride safer and easier.

2019 Ford Expedition Hybrid interior

2019 Ford Expedition Hybrid release date

Though we are still waiting for the official confirmation, the arrival of this model seems like a certain thing, if we can judge of numerous reports. According to these sources, the 2019 Ford Expedition Hybrid will come already in the next year.

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