2020 Audi Q9 Specs, Interior, Price

The 2020 Audi Q9 could be the new model in German carmaker’s lineup. And it will take the position as the largest SUV Audi ever made. Also, the most luxurious. Such a premium SUV will be able to compete with Range Rover. Of course, the US market will bring even more rivals. But, with the final price over $200,000 Range Rover leads the premium segment. Audi is not going so far, but it will keep the pace until some limit.

The new 2020 Audi Q9 will use the same architecture as the all-new Q8. After the company launches the Q1, the lineup will be complete. At least for now. Audi had no problem to obtain name rights as for Q2 and Q4. So, the development of the Q9 could be faster so the first model can arrive next season. The SUV is taking over the position from Q8as the largest model in the lineup. But, the smaller stablemate will borrow a lot of things to the new sibling.

2020 Audi Q9 front view

2020 Audi Q9 Specs

The 2020 Audi Q9 will definitely use the same drivetrain system as the Q8. Well, the hybrid improvements will boost outputs. However, the base setup includes a 3.0-liter V6 engine. The turbocharged unit is capable to produce 355 hp and 370 lb-ft of torque. The premium SUV can tow up to 7,700 pounds. An eight-speed automatic transmission sends power to all wheels. That is Audi’s famous Quattro system. Well, manual shift mode is also available. We will see what will be the curb weights of the Audi Q9. It will decide the speed outputs. Acceleration 0-60 mph will be 5.0-5.5 seconds, while the max speed is set to 130 mph.

2020 Audi Q9 Redesign

According to first images and info, the 2020 Audi Q9 will use the same design language as Q7 and Q8 SUVs. Well, the new model is getting more aggressive touches and unique upgrades on the front fascia. The more coupe-like profile will draw the attention of younger buyers. Large 19-inch wheels and side panels are going to make it different from both existing big SUVs.

2020 Audi Q9 side view

When we compare dimensions of Audi’s lineup, we can see the Q7 is the longest one. The Q9 will be a full-size model with a wheelbase longer than 120 inches. The overall length also gains some inches and the 2020 Audi Q9 will be the first model by the German carmaker that is 200 in long. Width will be similar to Q7 and Q8, while the Q9 could be slightly lower than its sibling. Well, don’t expect an exotic car. An inch will be the most we are seeing.


The 2020 Audi Q9 will be a flagship model in all ways. Well, if it wants to compete with other models in the premium segment, Audi must step up with the luxury offering. First of all, it will be a true three-row SUV, while the Q7 also offers a two-row version. Premium leather and high-end features will boost comfort, convenience, and price. Whatsoever, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are definitely standard features. MMI is one of the fastest growing infotainment systems. Virtual Cockpit is the highlight. However, many other options are making buyers fall in love with any model offering this system. What do you think, will the new Q9 offer it?

2020 Audi Q9 interior

When Will 2020 Audi Q9 Be Available?

Audi confirmed the development of the new SUV. However, fans still miss the launching schedule. So, we have an official source saying the model is coming, which is a good start. The bad thing is that we have to admit – we can’t expect it so soon. Why? The new Q8 is still fresh. By adding another big SUV, the German carmaker would make a competition to itself. The other reason why we believe fans will have to wait longer than usual is lack of 2020 Audi Q9 spy shots. Photographers are yet to catch the SUV’s prototypes in action. When spy photos appear, we will know the release date is near.


To be a rival with Range Rover, you must make an expensive toy. The price is the biggest indicator of features and equipment used in such vehicles. Buyers will compare even tiny details in the infotainment system, or volumes, to make the choice easier. So, to respond to $90,000 starting price, Audi will have to pack its Q9 with all it can offer. What’s more, Range Rover offers plenty of options and its high-end models cost over $200,000. Audi will definitely pick up some solutions from Bentley Bentayga, an SUV built on the same platform. Luckily, it is not going to be the price.

2020 Audi Q9 rear view


Audi needs Q9. They don’t have a full-size SUV. BMW X8 is coming, Mercedes GLS is there for a while. Well, these are only German rivals. In the US, very popular are Lexus LX and Toyota Land Cruiser, while domestic models are Lincoln Navigator and Cadillac Escalade.

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