2020 BMW X4 M, Spy Shots, Interior

The early success of the X4 crossover leads to the new generation after just four years. Launched in 2018, it is still fresh, so there won’t be a need for cosmetic modifications. On the other hand, upgrades under the hood are always welcome. We can already see performance-oriented M versions prototypes on streets. Soon, these will be part of the 2020 BMW X4 lineup. Besides this, we heard the hybrid drivetrain is on the way for next season.

2020 BMW X4 spy shots

The 2020 BMW X4 keeps dimensions very similar to its X3 sibling. It is kind of a coupe version. The X5 and X6 are using a similar relation. So, the X4 is a more aggressive crossover which pays the price with less space in the trunk. The rear row also comes with a shortage of headroom. On the other hand, the starting price is higher than for X3. The X4 is loaded with the latest infotainment systems. Fans of premium crossovers will definitely give it a chance in 2020.

2020 BMW X4 Engines

There will be two available drivetrains for the 2020 BMW X4. The xDrive30i is the base setup and uses a 2.0-liter four-cylinder drivetrain. Of course, turbochargers will provide more power and torque. As you probably know, xDrive shows the four-wheel drive setup. That is the only possible configuration. A six-speed automatic transmission is smooth and improves the fuel economy of the X4 crossover. For the next season, engineers target 30 mpg highway mileage. The sport activity coupe can deliver 240 hp and 260 lb-ft of torque. That is almost 10 ponies less than X3. Still, X4 creates 2 pound-feet more than its sibling.

2020 BMW X4 engine

2020 BMW X4 M Spied

The other drivetrain for this model is a 3.0-liter V6. It uses the same transmission and drives system. It is called M40i and engine is ready to burst 355 hp and 343 lb-ft of torque. We must compare it to X3 again. Power output is the same, while the twisting power for X4 is 25 pound-feet shorter. The performance-oriented package is not harming fuel economy so significantly. A price of 1-2 mpg worse mileage is fair for a gain of 115 ponies.

2020 BMW X4 spy pics

The 2020 BMW X4 M will also get cosmetic upgrades. Spy photos caught this and X3 M together. Heavy camouflage is hiding these changes, but it is good to know that M Package is under a revisit. Soon, we will know more about exterior modifications. Of course, unique bumper, wheels, and hood will make the X4M more aggressive. Interior is packed with more features. Buyers can pick 20-inch wheels instead of 19-inchers available for the standard version. Leather seats and upholstery are there, and you can pick some of the premium paint combinations for about $3,000.


The 2020 BMW X4 will share many things in common with its closest sibling X3. The German carmaker confirmed the arrival of a hybrid engine for its flagship models in crossover and SUV classes. Besides the X3, the X5 is also getting this drivetrain. We are sure that X4 and X6 will share hybrid units with their non-coupe siblings. A 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine will be the base for upgrades. After the tuning and pairing with electric batteries, the system will be able to create 280 hp. Plug-in variant is going to offer a range of 40 miles driving it only on electric power. Finally, an all-electric BMW iX3 is also an option. Well, its iX4 stablemate will follow the release in a season or two. 

2020 BMW X4 rear view

2020 BMW X4 Design, Features 

The most interesting things about the 2020 BMW X4 is its design. Basically, it is a crossover. But, designers are adding coupe and hatchback elements to make it more distinctive. And they made it pretty successful. The X4 will offer a unique styling in the premium category and the company calls it sport activity coupe. Its cargo space is not so generous, but the driving impression is on the highest level. Comfort and safety can be hardly matched and it is one of the main advantages of the upcoming X4. What’s more, the new infotainment system will bring even more features, chiefs say. But, they were not precise what kind of changes we can expect.

2020 BMW X4 interior

2020 BMW X4 Release Date, Price

Without too many changes, the 2020 BMW X4 will arrive late this year. However, we expect to see upgrades on M models. Heavy camouflage is promising it will be worth waiting. The starting price of the entry-level model will remain the same. It starts at $50,000 without color and interior upgrades. Convenience package costs $1,000; Premium trim’s price is above $53,000, and most features you will get with Executive model.

The price of the 2020 BMW X4 M is $60,000. Here, we can pick upgrades, such as park assist features (cost $700), drive assist suite ($500-1,700). Some equipment from Premium package is already available on X4M, so this upgrade costs “only” $1,600, while for the Executive set buyers must add $3,000.

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