2020 Chevy Bolt Engine, Price, EV, Changes

The most recent changes could bring the 2020 Chevy Bolt to the crossover lineup. It is still a hatchback, but the vehicle has a tendention of growing in the next couple of years. If that happens, GM will enter the all-electric crossover/SUV segment in style. Bolt is one of the most popular EVs in the world. Whenever we speak of electric or hybrid models, Bolt’s name is there to remind us that everything is possible with General Motors. The carmaker is serious in building larger hybrids, but the star of the lineup remains the subcompact hatchback/crossover.

The new model is getting more range compared to its predecessor. Engineers managed to gain a boost of 9 percent or 21 miles. The total range of the 2020 Chevy Bolt is now 259 miles. They didn’t install the larger batteries but worked on the entire cell system. The result is there and buyers will be happy to hear that the price is staying put as well. It will help Bolt regaining sales numbers which fell last year. The first half of this season shows signs of recovery, and the range boost will definitely draw more attention.


The competition in the EV segment is still not too tough. But, many companies are working on electric vehicles of all sizes. Of course, the subcompact class is the easiest way to start. The biggest rival and the best-selling model so far is Nissan Leaf. However, recently Hyundai introduced Kona EV, and its close sibling is Kia Niro EV. German carmakers are also active since the BMW i3 and Audi e-Tron are on the way. Jaguar I-Pace is one of the most attractive crossovers we might see in the close future, and Tesla is an undisputed leader of the electric car segment.

2020 Chevrolet Bolt EV

2020 Chevy Bolt Specs

The drivetrain system for the 2020 Chevy Bolt EV remains the same as before. However, engineers configured it to last longer. The base of the powertrain system is an AC motor with the capability to produce 200 hp and 266 lb-ft of torque. Additionally, there is a 60 kW battery pack that will make the new Bolt EV go 259 miles between recharges. This is a 21-mile improvement compared to the previous version.

We still don’t have exact recharging times. Hatchback needed nine hours when attached to 240V home outlets. The company also develops the new fast-charging system that will cut this time. A short recharge of 30 minutes will offer power for the next 100 miles. The 2020 Chevy Bolt is not going to be too quick. The car needs 7 seconds to accelerate 0-60 mph. The hatchback also reaches 90 mph of top speed. With a longer range, we will also see a higher MPGe number.

Other Changes

At this moment, besides the upgrade of the range, the 2020 Chevy Bolt will also offer two new colors. These are cayenne orange metallic and oasis blue. The rest of the vehicle is the same and the first redesign is planned for 2021 or 2022 season.

Chevrolet is working on the autonomous drive system. However, the development is a secret and the company is not unveiling too many details. For the new Bolt, they prepared upgraded safety and driver aid systems. Of course, there are also modern smartphone connectivity services – Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

There are also extra options for the 2020 Chevy Bolt EV. The vehicle is available in two trim levels, but additional packages can increase the price significantly. The packages you can add for the base LT are Comfort and Convenience, Driver Confidence I and II, Interior Protection, and Floor Mats. By choosing the Premier model, you will get Driver Confidence I and Comfort and Convenience packages. Still, there is an Infotainment suite with wireless charging spot, premium 7-speaker Bose audio, and more USB ports.

Driving Impression

The electric vehicle is really fun to drive. Without big changes, we believe the company will maintain a positive impression the predecessors built. Thanks to the heavy battery which is mounted under the floor, the 2020 Chevy Bolt will have a low center of gravity, which is boosting handling and cornering. Crisp and quiet acceleration is surprisingly good. On the other hand, the company limited the max speed to 90 mph. The One Pedal Driving system is a highlight of the vehicle. It is used for both throttle and brake. Just lift a foot from the pedal, and the Bolt will decrease the speed and stop eventually.

2020 Chevy Bolt Price

You can purchase the 2020 Chevy Bolt for the same amount of money as its predecessor and get extra range. The bonus of 21 miles is coming free of charge. The MSRP is $37,500 for the LT package. Features the Premier model brings raise the cost to $42,000. Fully-loaded LT model will cost nearly $40,000, while the Premier is just shy of $45,000. The price of its main rival, Nissan Leaf, starts at $30,000. The MSRP of the top-notch SL Plus unit is at the same level as the high-end Bolt Premier model.

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