2020 Ford Endeavour Facelift, Price, India

The 2020 Ford Endeavour is the Indian name for the truck-based Everest SUV. The model is very popular in Asia and South Africa. We can compare this vehicle to the Explorer, but the US SUV is using a unibody platform. The main rival to this vehicle are Toyota Fortuner and Nissan Terra. Both of them are based on their more popular truck siblings – Hilux and Navara.

Ford is refreshing Everest and Endeavour for the upcoming season. The new styling and features will make these SUVs more interesting. Although diesel units are the main source of power, there is a possibility of hybrid engines. Well, this is going to happen only if buyers see the benefit of such configuration. There is a single petrol version available in the entire 2020 Ford Endeavour squad, and it tells a lot about the interest for gasoline options.

Changes for the 2020 Ford Endeavour

The redesign of the 2020 Ford Endeavour will bring its fans a lot of fun. Eye-catching details will improve the overall impression and make the SUV more aggressive. However, the overall shape and dimensions are carried over. But, other upgrades are worth of waiting. The new grille is one of the reasons. Designers also revisited headlamps and bumper, so expect novelties there as well. We could see the diamond-cut wheels on the last model and this pattern is also about to be carried over. Ford is adding keyless entry and the start/stop system. On the rear end, we won’t find any big update worth of mention.


As for the exterior, the cabin also expects some notable changes. Well, most of these are only cosmetic. But, nevermind – any kind of refresh will make some impact. Black and brown interior for higher trim levels is replacing the dual-tone beige cabin. Leather seats are standard with double stitching. The control panel is getting a new, cleaner look. We will find a touchscreen display at the center of it. Shift knob gets a new design with new materials wrapping it. Metal details will make it stylish and elegant.

The company also offers the push-button start. An 8-inch infotainment screen is the center of the Sync3 system. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are available. Drivers of the previous editions will find no difference in the dashboard and gauges. Well, because of the other changes it looks more transparent. Maybe it is not a big deal, but puddle lamps when the doors are open will keep you dry and clean.

The new 2020 Ford Endeavour is a three-row seven-seater. Softer materials are covering all buckets and the comfort level is higher than before. The panoramic moonroof is a great addition. Ford also offers AC vents as optional upgrades for the second row. The electric fold is standard for the third row. You can easily increase the total cargo volume of the SUV which is coming exclusively to the Indian market. The access to the cargo area is easier thanks to the hands-free operation (slide a foot under the bumper and the rear door opens).

2020 Ford Endeavour Diesel Specs

Unlike the Everest SUV, the 2020 Ford Endeavour will have only two drivetrains in its lineup. And both of them are diesel units. The entry-level model is getting a 2.2-liter four-cylinder displacement and the richer offer includes a 3.2-l V6. Both of them are sending power to the six-speed automatic transmission. The smaller displacement is using the energy to power the front wheels, while the 3.2 version is an AWD only.

The ride should be very comfortable. Some say the company could bring back the manual transmission for both drivetrains. Either way, the smooth transmission is already delivering an easy ride. The cabin is also quiet, which improves overall comfort and impression. That is not all – suspension tuning is perfect for the on-road drive. However, the system is also capable to deliver a great performance off the road. The only downside we expect the 2020 Ford Endeavour to fix is the handling. Well, the SUV is pretty large, so we can’t expect agility of smaller crossovers.


The 2020 Ford Endeavour is a very safe SUV. The first advantage is its size. Larger vehicles are always safer than small ones. On the other hand, the body-on-frame platform is not as safe as the unibody architecture. The second concept soaks the energy with the entire body. But, the carmaker is making the SUV as safe as possible. The standard equipment for the Endeavour is very similar to the Everest. So, we will have seven airbags and ABS. Parking is easier thanks to the front sensors and rear camera. Hill-start features are standard for all versions of the 2020 Endeavour. Optionally, you can upgrade your SUV with a larger screen, navigation, and other advanced accessories.

2020 Ford Endeavour Release Date and Price

The new 2020 Ford Endeavour will arrive early next year. Meanwhile, we will try to find more info about the price. But, this Indian SUV should remain at the same level as before. In Indian rupees it is 28.20-33.05 lakh ($40,000 – $46,000).

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