2020 Ford Kuga Spy Shots, Interior, Price

The new Kuga will present a lot of changes. These updates will lead the nameplate into a new generation. The fourth series of the crossover SUV will be available next season as 2020 Ford Kuga. Well, the company also has its sibling in the US, coming out as Ford Escape. It will also suffer similar changes. First spy shots are available, confirming these claims. Furthermore, the company gave us hints about the new Kuga. We also expect it to see with performance-oriented engines and a hybrid variant. Some say the new Escape will have a seven-seat model as an optional layout. We can say it the same for Ford Kuga 2020.

Spy photos of the 2020 Ford Kuga are confirming some of the rumors we can hear. Still, the only official thing we know is that the new SUV is coming. Besides that, the Blue Oval company is not giving more clues. There is still a chance to see the production version of the Kuga much different than the prototype. These changes will be decisive for the price. For these fans looking for more power, new RS and ST versions will be available, even in the US.

2020 Ford Kuga front view

2020 Ford Kuga Spy Photos, Changes

From what we can see, the new crossover SUV is going to be very similar to the Ford Focus. The new architecture underpins the SUV and this means further changes all around the vehicle. We can’t peek into the cabin to see details. We can expect a similar layout as for the Focus.

The new platform will bring more space inside the 2020 Ford Kuga. This confirms other rumors about the possible seven-seat layout. By this move, Ford will improve the versatility of the SUV. It will be more suitable for larger families. Some even say the Ford Kuga 2020 is going to replace Escape in the US. Well, it would inherit all the stuff from its predecessor.

2020 Ford Kuga spy shots

2020 Ford Kuga Specs

Under the bonnet of the new 2020 Ford Kuga buyers will find few petrol and diesel engines. The base models with a gasoline unit will use a 1.5-liter four-cylinder drivetrain. It is capable to produce 120 hp. Front-wheel drive is standard and this engine accelerates to 60 mph in 12 seconds. The same engine, tuned to produce 150 ponies, cuts this time under 10 seconds. Manual and automatic gearboxes are available in Europe.

The most powerful petrol engine can produce 180 hp and sends power to all wheels. Also, the automatic transmission is the only option. Well, more power doesn’t mean Ford Kuga is faster. It will still take 11 seconds for 0-60 mph sprint because of the AWD system.

Diesel Units

The new 2020 Ford Kuga will keep its existing diesel engines, at least for the non-US markets. That means we will have two versions. One is a lighter, still fresh unit, a 1.5-liter four-cylinder. It can produce 120 hp and this one is slightly faster than its petrol sibling of the same displacement. Still, the more popular unit will be with 150 hp. Diesel engines are fuel-friendlier. The same we can expect from a larger 2.0-liter four-cylinder drivetrain. This one needs 10 seconds to sprint to 60 mph.

2020 Ford Kuga engine

2020 Ford Kuga vs Ford Escape

The US edition of the 2020 Ford Kuga is Ford Escape. It will continue to use a 2.5-liter petrol engine as the base unit. A four-cylinder powertrain creates 170 hp and 170 lb-ft of torque. If the Escape increases seating capacity, the SUV will need more power. A turbocharger improves outputs for the 2.0-liter inline-four petrol engine. With this technology, Escape can count on 250 hp and 275 lb-ft of torque. 


Ford Escape used hybrid drivetrain back in its second generation. However, since 2013 we are not seeing it or Kuga with such system. Well, the next-gen models will change things on the market. We already know that Ford invests big into electrification and the 2020 Ford Kuga is one of the favorite to become hybrid. We are not hearing any rumors about details. Fans can expect more about Ford Kuga Hybrid when the SUV becomes official. Of course, the Blue Oval company will add the same drivetrain for its US sibling, Escape.

2020 Ford Kuga rear view

2020 Ford Kuga ST, RS

The new 2020 Ford Kuga ST model will be much more powerful than the current version. We expect to see the SUV with outputs above 200 hp and 300 lb-ft of torque (400 Nm). At the same time, the company will launch other performance-oriented SUV – Ford Kuga RS. Besides the engine that will be ready to throw out over 250 hp, the crossover will suffer many cosmetic upgrades. Sport steering wheel and buckets with power adjusting system, navigation, and premium audio are just some of the updates for RS and ST models.

2020 Ford Kuga interior

2020 Ford Kuga Price

Depending on markets where it appears the 2020 Ford Kuga will come with different prices. In the US, Escape will start at $25,000. Converted to other currencies, it will be around 20,000 euros, or 33,000 AUD.

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