2020 Genesis GV80 SUV News: Release Date and Price

A couple of years ago, the Korean manufacturer former a completely new brand, reserved for premium vehicles only. It started with a couple of sedans but considering the current situation on the car market, a crossover seems like an urgent thing. We have already seen a concept of a crossover called GV80. It was some kind of a preview for the production version. Latest reports suggest that the manufacturer will keep the concept’s name, so the all-new SUV from the Hyundai’s luxury division should come 2020 Genesis GV80. It will definitely take a lot of inspiration from the last-year concept. However, it should come with lots of changes as well. At the moment, the new model is in a relatively early stage of development but should be ready in about a year.

2020 Genesis GV80 Platform

As we already mentioned, the all-new SUV is in an early stage of development. The testing model has been spotted recently and it clearly shows that mechanics are of focus in testing at the moment. On the other side, the new model still wears Santa Fe’s body, so we will focus on the platform at the moment. There are two choices that seem rational at the moment. Considering that the test mule wears Santa Fe’s body, there is a big chance that it rides on the same platform as well. This means that the 2020 Genesis GV80 would be some kind of a stretched Santa Fe in mechanical aspect.

2020 Genesis GV80 SUV front view

Still, we are much closer to those reports that suggest the G80’s platform. This seems more natural. Two models have the same number designation, so they should be in a close relationship in many ways. Everything starts from a platform. Not to mention that the rear-wheel drive is something that a genuine luxury SUV of that size simply must have.

2020 Genesis GV80 Redesign

When it comes to base design characteristics, we have no doubt that the 2020 Genesis GV80 will take a lot of inspiration from the last-year concept. So far, we can say for sure that the new model will be a mid-size crossover, which perfectly fits the brand’s current designation. However, it is still hard to say something more about the styling. Simply said, the new model is in the early stage of development. At this point, we can only speculate and the first thing that comes to our minds are all those parts on the concept that would probably be left out in the production model.

We are pretty sure that those twin-stripe headlamps will be replaced with something more conventional, more production-friendly. Also, expect tweaks to the grille. The overall grille size and shape might remain similar, but definitely, expect to see different patterns. Most likely, we will see two of them, just like it is the case with the G80 sedan. A grille with horizontal slats would be reserved for base trims, while the sporty, honeycomb mesh will decorate potential performance version.

2020 Genesis GV80 SUV side view

2020 Genesis GV80 Interior

This part of the 2020 Genesis GV80 is still a complete mystery at the moment. Simply, this aspect depends on many factors, including the platform. The only thing we can say for sure is that the new cabin won’t have too many common things with the cabin of a concept version. Simply, such design is way too production-unfriendly. Just like the current sedan models, the new crossover will probably feature more affordable price compared to competitors. This should be one of its main trumps. Such a design approach definitely wouldn’t help when we talk about reducing production costs. On the other side, we can presume that the new cabin will be very spacious. Expect three rows of seating in the base version, as well as a pretty generous cargo space.

2020 Genesis GV80 SUV interior

2020 Genesis GV80 Engines

We can presume that the new SUV will feature multiple engine options. We expect to see both six- and eight-cylinder engines in the offer. Base versions will probably come with a familiar 3.8-liter V6, with a max output of 311 horsepower.

On the other side, higher trims should come with a large 5.0-liter V8 engine. Though it is hard to speculate about precise numbers, we expect to see this engine tuned to something like 420 horsepower. Both units will come paired with an 8-speed automatic transmission and most likely with rear-wheel drive. All-wheel drive should be optional.

Finally, expect to see something more environment-friendly. Most likey, it will be some plug-in hybrid, but it seems to early to speculate about possible specs.

2020 Genesis GV80 SUV rear view

2020 Genesis GV80 Release Date and Price

Although in an early stage of development, most experts suggest that the new 2020 Genesis GV80 will be ready by the end of next year, eventually in early 2020. When it comes to price, we would have to look at the competition first.

In the segment of mid-size luxury SUVs, some of the leaders are models like BMW X5, Mercedes GLE, Range Rover Velar, Volvo XC90 etc. All these models feature starting price somewhere around 50.000 dollars. Considering that the G80 sedan is for about 20% cheaper that its competitors, we could presume that the 2020 Genesis GV80 price will start somewhere around 40.000 dollars, roughly.

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  1. I so much love the curved front and back of the car. The leather interior will make it feel so cool and comfortable. I will keep my fingers crossed and wait for it to be released.

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