2020 Honda Crosstour Price, Interior, Release date

With the comeback of the Honda Passport, fans are now warming up rumors about the comeback of another SUV. The 2020 Honda Crosstour could be the next model we will see in the lineup. The Japanese carmaker is not confirming this yet. However, some leaking sources are giving hints that Crosstour could be back soon. This was a mid-size SUV in the first half of this decade. Based on the Accord sedan, this vehicle was something we can see Subaru producing now – it is more a wagon. But, the entire industry considers Crosstrek and Outback as SUVs.


However, with the comeback of Passport, there are two mid-size models in the market. Where will 2020 Honda Crosstour fit? Well, the wagon class offers some new features and driving mechanics. But, we would like to see this SUV as the full-size model. Honda doesn’t have a representative here. It is a big downside for the company of its reputation. Pilot, CR-V, and HR-V are leaders in their segments and it is a surprise why we can’t have Honda’s big rig. Crosstour could be a solution and a rival to the Toyota Sequoia and Ford Expedition.

2020 Honda Crosstour Engine Options

During its last stint that ended in 2015, Hoda Passport used a 3.5-liter V6 engine. Well, most full-size SUVs are getting power from a V8 unit. On the other hand, Honda is not a well-known of usage of such drivetrains. In a matter of fact, they had few V8s, but these were 3.5 and 3.0 displacement. Nowadays, these are not in production anymore, and no other company opts for such a small block.

But, the key is in “most rivals”. So, the V8 is not a requirement to become a full-size model. Ford Expedition is using a V6 drivetrain. Whatsoever, a twin-turbo system launches outputs to 375 hp and 400 lb-ft of torque. Honda’s 3.5-liter V6 unit is under the hood of Pilot and Passport. The base outputs are 280 hp and 262 lb-ft of torque. This would be a good start and turbochargers could add another 100 ponies pretty easily. However, this process needs time, and Honda will have to make decisions about this model.

2020 Crosstour-side-view


We can also listen to rumors about Pilot becoming hybrid. But, while the CR-V presented such drivetrain for European buyers, we still don’t have any official info about its larger sibling. However, Honda will have to react, since all its rivals are getting similar configurations. The 2020 Honda Crosstour Hybrid might be a solution since this is a vacant spot. We believe the company is not going to put a lot of effort into designing it and the SUV would use a similar architecture and chassis as its siblings – Pilot and Passport.

2020 Honda Crosstour Redesign

We already mentioned that there are two possible ways for the 2020 Honda Crosstour. The first one is to arrive at the last time. In this case, the vehicle will be more of a wagon, based on the Honda Accord. It is not the thing that will make its chances worse. Subaru is very popular and sedan-like drive is an advantage over other SUVs. Still, this kind of body is lacking off-road skills and towing capabilities.


The other solution for the 2020 Honda Crosstour is to be a classic SUV. In this case, we will see a vehicle very similar to Pilot. The same happened with Passport. These two are nearly twins. So, the new Crosstour would use the same design language. The only difference will be in size since the upcoming model could take the position in the full-size class. Honda would gain some space for interior, and Crosstour will definitely be presented as a three-row SUV.

Type R Vehicle

Top of the line models in Honda is getting a Type R badge. But, there are only two cars of this kind currently on the market. US buyers can purchase Civic hatchback, while some markets are still offering Accord Sedan with such upgrades. NSX sports car could bring back this badge, and rumors are saying Ridgeline Type R truck is coming soon. To boost up the sales of the 2020 Honda Crosstour right from the start, the company could give it a Type R treatment. Unique styling with a lot of red accents, sport seats and interior, and even powerful engine are part of this package. However, there are even fewer proofs for these speculations.

2020 Honda Crosstour rear view

2020 Honda Crosstour Competition

If the 2020 Crosstour lands into a full-size segment, the main Japanese rivals will be Toyota Sequoia and Nissan Armada. Hyundai is also building a new model – Palisade, for next season. In the US market, domestic companies are present with the Chevy Suburban and Ford Expedition. Having this in mind, the new Crosstour will cost at least $45,000. This is clear speculation, but if the SUV gets a Type R model, it will be one of the most expensive non-premium versions. Its price will be on par with luxury full-size SUVs, such as Toyota Land Cruiser, or Lincoln Navigator.

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