2020 Honda Element USA, Hybrid, Camper, Interior

The new 2020 Honda Element is coming back after many speculations. This is one of the most aesthetic and functional crossover SUVs Honda ever made. So, there is no surprise why its fans are asking around about the return. If you ask them, only minor changes are needed.

The redesign will bring modernization. But, the new Element will keep its main eye-catching styling cues – boxy design and unique colors. Whatsoever, the interior is not going to be the same as before. To be more competitive, Element needs tech upgrades and the new layout to provide more room.

2020 Honda Element

The company is not out officially to confirm this model. There are no spy photos as well. But, there are some hints showing we can keep our hopes to see the crossover SUV. The latest one is the comeback of Passport model after so many years. Ford is bringing back Bronco, Toyota also revived an iconic Supra sports car. Element is a safe bet for the Japanese carmaker.

Where Would 2020 Honda Element Fit?

The last Element was 170 inches long. That is 10 inches shorter than current CR-V and the same as subcompact HR-V. the next 2020 Honda Element will fit between these two classes. It is not so likely to see a smaller version of the HR-V. What’s more, the vehicle was something between crossover SUV and the MPV. The new edition will bring more versatility, especially for an off-road drive. Also, few extra inches are adding more space for interior upgrades. Designers are going to love it and use in the best possible way. Further rumors are saying the 2020 Element could be the first hybrid model in the US, or even an all-electric vehicle based on the Everus concept. But, we will review drivetrain options later.

2020 Honda interior

2020 Honda Element Redesign

Designers of the 2020 Honda Element will have two tasks. The first is to make this crossover SUV modern and attractive. On the other hand, they must keep the old-school eye-catching boxy styling and practical interior. These two goals are opposing each other. But, we think it is possible.

So, the new Element will bring back the boxy appearance, but with some modern shapes and lines to improve aerodynamic. Also, the body parts will be lighter, so the Element SUV can achieve better gas mileage. Furthermore, there will be more room under the body. Easier access and better off-road performances are the things you gain by this move. Bright orange color is one of the most distinctive paints in the automotive world. It would be a huge blow if Honda replaces it.


While the exterior will be recognizable, the cockpit is suffering the complete redesign. The 2020 Honda Element will offer room for five persons. It will be slightly larger than before. Whatsoever, the practicality is the key here. Back in 2000s, Element had no so many rivals as it is going to face nowadays. But, if designers manage to make it better, Element will shine again.

2020 Element cabin

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are part of Honda’s infotainment system. The new generation is coming with even more features and connectivity options. Wireless charging is standard and a touchscreen display. We don’t know the size of the screen. However, the company will offer larger variants in higher trim levels. Touring model is almost certain with the highest price and the most equipment coming in that package.

2020 Honda Element Specs

Like with the size, the 2020 Honda Element will take the position between HR-V and CR-V with engine outputs. Previously, this vehicle used a 2.4-liter engine that created 165 hp. Now, Honda HR-V is getting 140 hp from a 1.8-liter powertrain, while CR-V is powered by the new version of 2.4-liter unit. For the compact crossover SUV it creates 185 hp. This could be the base model for Element, and CR-V is still going to keep its 1.5-liter turbo unit with 190 hp and 180 lb-ft of torque. A CVT gearbox is distributing power to front wheels. All-wheel drive is not so certain, since HR-V is not offering it as well.

Hybrid and EV

The new 2020 Honda Element could even get a hybrid engine. The company launched the CR-V in Europe with such configuration. However, the US model is not confirmed, although experts believe it will become part of the lineup in 2020. But, the new drivetrain system could lay under the hood of Element crossover, not CR-V. Both options are speculative rumors without foundation.

2020 Honda Element side view

On the other hand, the 2020 Element could be the production model of the Everus EV SUV. This all-electric model had a premiere in 2018 and the company announced it will soon enter the production. They didn’t mention anything about the nomenclature. But, Honda is clever enough to use the old and popular name for a kick-start for its new model. Plus, Element will keep and upgrade its practicality with and electric battery and range of 300+ miles.

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