2020 Land Rover Defender USA, Spy shots, Interior

It is coming back, definitely. Spy photos are confirming that, and the company made it official. The return of the 2020 Land Rover Defender will bring back memories to one of the most distinctive designs in the automotive world. The vehicle was dropped in 2016 and the carmaker immediately developed the plan of its comeback. Now, the production model is almost ready, but the things we unveil every day are stunning. Fans guessed where this model could fit the best. The most recent spy photos of Defender running through the mud might make it clear – an off-road specialist.

2020 Defender-front-view

So, at this point, we have official data and still a lot of speculations about the 2020 Land Rover Defender. One thing is sure – the vehicle will arrive next season. Also, its design will combine modern and classic features. Boxy look is the highlight, while we still don’t know what will 2020 Defender keep from its predecessors. The new lineup of engines is a safe bet. Also, fans still don’t have a clue how far the JLR will go with luxurious features.

DC100 Concept

Back in 2011, the company debuted with DC100 concept. This was meant to be the next Defender, but the development hit the delay. The SUV based on the DC100 platform was due to 2015, but instead of a next-gen model, Defender was discontinued. Now, after four years, it is finally ready for production. But, we will see what is new for the DC100 and how much of this architecture will be implemented to 2020 Land Rover Defender.

A two-door SUV drew a lot of intention back in 2011. Now, with a comeback of the legendary Ford Bronco, and rumors about its 2-door version, Defender will be ready to defend its position with a similar layout. Still, this is not promising good sales. Buyers love versatility and comfort. Modern SUVs offer everything all other vehicles can do. That is why this category is a killer for most other segments. Two-door variants are not functional, and practicality stands way above the luxury and showing off.


2020 Land Rover Defender Engines and Specs

There is no clue about the drivetrain lineup for the 2020 Land Rover Defender. Still, experts made few theories which units could suit this model the best. It seems like a 2.0-liter JLR engine is a favorite. However, the downside of this one is a lack of power. Both diesel and petrol drivetrains can’t generate as much energy as all Defender’s lovers would like to see.

The most interesting speculation is about the hybrid drivetrain. The company is not denying, so we have a reason to suspect in it. Some other vehicles in the family can offer the PHEV systems and the range of 30 miles. It will be perfect for the new Defender. However, we don’t know other specs and power outputs. A mild-hybrid system can’t be alone in the lineup, that is for sure. Diesel or petrol units will be a base.


2020 Land Rover Defender Design and Spy Photos

The new 2020 Land Rover Defender will adopt a lot from the DC100 concept. That is obvious from spy photos. JLR is not hiding its test mules anymore. But, the company is keeping details under the camouflage. We can find some clues on the new Land Rover Discovery and the MLA platform the company will share with Mercedes. We still don’t know what will be the size of the upcoming SUV.

Inside the cockpit, it is easier to make predictions. The look will borrow some solutions from the existing models. The infotainment system will offer the latest features. Safety is also on the highest level with lane keep assist and adaptive cruise control. The new ClearSight camera system will be ready for the 2020 Land Rover Defender. This SUV is also going to offer some advanced technologies, such as satellite navigation, WiFi hotspot, and a head-up display.


2020 Land Rover Defender Truck

Ever since the rumors about 2020 Land Rover Defender started to whistle, fans were curious – will it have a truck version? The previous editions were well-known for its versatility and usage in many segments of life. Probably, the best examples were military models.

The answer to this question depends on many things. Definitely, the Defender will be ready to get dirty. But, we doubt that the British and other armies will use it again for their needs. So, there won’t be a need for the truck version, except if the vehicle appears in the USA.


US Release Date Not Yet Confirmed

It is still a big question. We believe the company will bring this SUV to the USA. A truck is less likely to happen since none of the spy shots is showing a pickup. So, the boxy off-road SUV could end up in the US as one of the major rivals to the upcoming Ford Bronco. It is an ambitious call from the JLR, but we believe this model can draw some attention next season. 

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