2020 Renault Koleos Review, Facelift, Price

The new 2020 Renault Koleos is going through a facelift process. The compact crossover is ready for the mid-cycle update and the new front fascia will be the highlight of the redesign. Also, the second-generation model is going to update all the technology inside the cabin. Two new diesel drivetrains are also becoming part of the lineup. As the largest crossover in the French carmaker’s lineup, Koleos is one of the most popular vehicles around the world.

Under the hood of the 2020 Renault Koleos, we will find two new engines. These will join the existing lineup – a 2.0-liter also diesel and a 2.5-l petrol unit. Not all markets are going to offer all the drivetrains available for this crossover. Still, Koleos remains the most versatile model in the lineup.

Another highlight will be the interior. Smaller and larger touchscreen displays are available. But, the interesting thing is their orientation. Like Tesla, Renault will place the larger one vertically at the center of the dashboard. All in all, the French company is delivering more and more attractive models and it is just a matter of time when it will appear in the US crossover market.

2020 Renault Koleos Engine and Specs

In recent years, Renault made a lot of improvements in its engineering section. Well, two new engines will be available. A 1.8-liter four-cylinder unit is producing 148 hp and 340 Nm of torque. Front-wheel drive is standard and we believe that CVT transmission will distribute power. An all-wheel drive is a system you get if you choose another new engine. A 1.9-liter is adding 50 horsepower and 40 Nm of twisting force. The company is not releasing the full specs sheet yet. We know the company improved efficiency and units will meet emission standards of all markets where Koleos is appearing.

Other solutions for the 2020 Renault Koleos will be existing versions. Diesel is a 2.0-liter model with two different configurations available for tuning. The dCi unit can produce either 150 or 175 hp, with max speed reaching 200 kmh (125 mph). If you choose a petrol drivetrain, the outputs go up to 170 hp and 180 kmh (110 mph). A 2.5-liter gasoline unit also has a weaker version with 140 hp and it is faster than the stronger diesel unit. It reaches 60 mph in 9.5 seconds, while the 175-hp rated dCi needs almost 10 seconds.

2020 Renault Koleos Exterior and Interior Redesign

The new 2020 Renault Koleos will be heavily updated for the new season. The first thing we will notice is the exterior redesign thanks to the fresh fascia. A bumper is getting a chrome stripe across the full width. Also, the company mounted a skid plate. But, that is not all about the upcoming Koleos. Wheels and tail are completing the redesign of the exterior. 18- and 19-inch rims with more chrome for details and exhaust tips are something we can’t miss.

Inside, we will find even more changes. Fresh technology will be both updated and upgraded with new features. Front seats with optional massage for driver’s bucket are definitely worthy of mention and considering the purchase of the 2020 Renault Koleos. The rear bench is offering reclining function and softer materials are covering it.

So far we know the infotainment system is getting a huge boost by the new 7-inch touchscreen display. It takes a standard horizontal position. Upper trim grades are coming with a larger 8.7-inch screen. This time, designers decided to place it vertically and spice up the appearance of the new Koleos. Renault is making its R-Link system compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Navigation is optional, while the new crossover is also getting more USB ports.

2020 Renault Koleos vs Competition

Compact crossover class is currently the hottest segment in the automotive world. Companies are achieving the best sales here, so there is no wonder why every carmaker builds their own model. Hyundai Tucson and Kia Sportage are two units with the fastest growing. Global leaders are the Honda CR-V and Toyota Rav4. Nissan is offering the Qashqai, while in the US you can find this model as Rogue. The same is with Ford – the domestic model is Escape, while the Kuga is the crossover for the rest of the world. Also, compact models in this segment worth of mention are Mazda CX-5, Jeep Compass, and Chevy Equinox.

Release Date, Future

The new 2020 Renault Koleos will be out next year. The company is not in the rush to release it as soon as possible. We also know that Nissan, the close partner, is releasing the new version of the Rogue. It arrives in 2021 with a hybrid drivetrain. The European version was refreshed and the new engine came with the redesign. However, Koleos is not getting the 1.3-liter drivetrain. So, hopes are very high on the new hybrid drivetrain.

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