2020 Suzuki Grand Vitara Review

Five years ago Suzuki removed “Grand” prefix from its famous crossover SUV. Since 2015 we can see it only as Vitara. But now, the company plans to bring back the 2020 Suzuki Grand Vitara and surprise everyone. There are few theories about its return. First, there are stories that Grand Vitara will be the special version, a trim level. Also, some experts believe that Suzuki is electrifying crossover lineup. Finally, crossovers and SUV classes are expanding very quickly. The Japanese carmaker could launch the Grand Vitara as the larger version of Vitara. In this case, they will boost their chances on the market.

Suzuki decided to expand the range of engines for the new Grand Vitara SUV. The current lineup for the standard model, a 2.4-liter and 3.2-liter V6 engine, are pretty old, launched in 2008. The vehicle will arrive in Japan first, and then 2020 Suzuki Grand Vitara is coming to the European market. We will see if the company is going to launch a hybrid drivetrain, or even maybe PHEV system. In some markets, you will find this model as Suzuki Escudo.

2020 Grand Vitara front view

2020 Suzuki Grand Vitara New Engines

The 2020 Suzuki Grand Vitara could continue to use the same drivetrains as its sibling with a similar name. These are 2.4-liter and 3.2-liter engines. So, the SUV would have both V6 and four-cylinder option. This improves versatility and the entire offer. But, the Grand Vitara, as a larger vehicle, could drop a smaller powertrain. Instead, engineers can add one more engine. Turbo-six or V8 are options. But, we don’t know how Suzuki will do it since the Japanese carmaker is not offering such drivetrain in their lineup. Toyota might help it since these two giants joined forces recently.

Toyota could even help the 2020 Suzuki Grand Vitara to make its entrance to the US market. With a V8 engine, Suzuki can meet requirements of the specific laws. Emissions and efficiency won’t be an obstacle. A 5.6-liter unit is large, and the Grand Vitara would need a lot of room under the hood. On the other hand, with 380 hp and 400 lb-ft of torque, it will be one of the toughest units on the market.

2020 Grand Vitara


Until these rumors don’t get the official confirmation, we will stick to current Suzuki’s drivetrains. A 2.4-liter engine is capable to produce 165-180 horsepower and 170 lb-ft of torque. It is one of the newest engines, although it is 10-years old. But, it is still reliable and durable, so the new Grand Vitara can take advantage of it. But, the power output is not for a large vehicle, and fans will expect more from the SUV.

The alternative is a 3.2-l V6 with 230 horsepower and 220 lb-ft of torque. It is a fuel-friendly drivetrain, but high emissions are keeping it away from the US market.

Suzuki / Toyota Partnership Will Lead to 2020 Suzuki Grand Vitara Hybrid

Rumors can come true. The new 2020 Suzuki Grand Vitara can be a hybrid. A reason to believe in these speculations is a fresh partnership between two big Japanese automotive companies. Suzuki and Toyota agreed to join forces. The goal is to produce more vehicles with electric support.

2020 Grand Vitara rear view

As soon as they announced their deal, we could hear first impressions and predictions. Although the goal is to bring more EVs, there will be few hybrid and PHEV models. One of them will be the 2020 Suzuki Grand Vitara. It would be a great comeback for the SUV. In this case, the doors of the main market in the world would be opened, and this model would draw a lot of attention. But, we will see what will happen, since Toyota is also a factor in this deal. They won’t let this market so easily, even to its partners.

2020 Suzuki Grand Vitara Redesign

The new 2020 Suzuki Grand Vitara will definitely have to change its look. The old-school SUV was discontinued five years ago, and modern time brought a lot of changes meanwhile. This segment evolves very fast, so some radical cuts will be there. The new Grand Vitara will borrow some solutions from its closest sibling. But, don’t expect a rebadged version. The new SUV must be bigger, and it will offer advanced features inside the cabin. Finally, the US market requires more comfort, safety, infotainment equipment… well, more of everything.

2020 Grand Vitara interior

Release Date

If everything goes well, the 2020 Suzuki Grand Vitara will be on the market next year. The company is not going to rush with a hybrid model, and the release date is not depending on it. The base petrol SUV will arrive after the redesign. We will see what else Suzuki plans. The price is still a big mystery. Well, we need to know more about the upcoming model so we can make estimations. One thing is sure – Grand Vitara will cost more than the standard Vitara.

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  1. dotari: specificatii tehnice: preturi: modele

  2. is the new grand vitara four wheel drive

  3. it is my second grand vitara and i am very pleased with them except that the first one was V6 and the last one a V4 that not only is less powerfull but equally like more to suck rapidly the petrol and would like to see at least a 8 speed transmission or even a good cvt or, why not a phev back to canada.
    those vehicules are nt only very strong but equally comfortable for a suv and, very important, even after 11 years service, no rust all all contrary to too many others that are already very rusty after only 2 years…

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