2020 Toyota Venza Release date, Redesign

“Bring back Venza” are something we can hear louder nowadays. Owners of this crossover SUV are having only words of praise for this model. But, why it was discontinued? Toyota decided to do this is because of slow sales. Well, there were other factors too. With a raise of Highlander, the Japanese company couldn’t develop a few models in a similar segment. Also, without serious investments, the SUV wouldn’t be so attractive and competitive. It seems like the carmaker admits its mistake and brings backs the vehicle as 2020 Toyota Venza.

The new model will be based on the existing Highlander. This is a versatile mid-size SUV. The 2020 Toyota Venza will be a smaller unit with seats for five persons. On the other hand, it will offer more space than the RAV4. Being between compact and mid-size segment will give fewer worries about the competition. Toyota will have another unique model to prove its supremacy on the market. Further speculations include a hybrid drivetrain. Well, this is quite possible. Even the all-electric SUV is in the game.

2020 venza

2020 Toyota Venza Rumors and Facts

The bad news is that Toyota is still quiet about this. Well, we might take it a silence that announces positive news. But contrary, the Japanese carmaker is probably thinking it is still early to bring back Venza. They have a complete crossover/SUV lineup. There are subcompact C-HR, compact RAV4, mid-size Highlander and 4Runner, and full-size Sequoia. Outside the US, the mid-size models are Fortuner and Land Cruiser Prado. But, with the expansion of the SUV segment, the 2020 Toyota Venza could fit between Highlander and RAV4. A mid-size model with two rows of seats would be a good choice if you need more space but better handling and fuel economy.

Pros and Cons

We already mentioned the reasons why Toyota ended Venza’s production. Well, it had some lacks and people were not interested too much in this mid-size SUV. But now, older fans are seeing that they can’t find the replacement for this model. The 2020 Toyota Venza AWD will be a must for the carmaker. All-wheel drive is one of the main advantages of this model. Also, according to experts and users, Highlander can’t compare to Venza’s look and interior layout. Spacious and comfortable, these are certain attributes of the upcoming 2020 Toyota Venza. Well, Highlander will offer seven seating spots, which is two more than its sibling. That could be the downside of the new SUV.

2020 toyota rear view

2020 Toyota Venza Interior, Features

Toyota is showing promises in the multimedia segment. The company is developing a new Entune system. If the 2020 Toyota Venza appears, it will definitely come with the new infotainment system. That is not all. Recently, the Japanese carmaker introduced Android Auto service for some of its models. In 2018 they launched Apple CarPlay. Now, the multimedia system can meet the requirements of even most demanding buyers. Two rows of seats are leaving enough space for passengers and cargo. Slightly smaller than Highlander, the cockpit is not getting too much shredding. Foldable rear seats will offer more space for storage if needed. A power liftgate will be available at higher trim levels. The hands-free opening is also optional.

2020 toyota interior

2020 Toyota Venza Specs, AWD, Hybrid

If you ask any of the owners of an old Venza, they will tell you they want it back. But, only with an all-wheel drive. This version was much more attractive than the 2WD. Smooth ride and improved balance win the hearts of all drivers. Also, the SUV had a low profile, so it wasn’t too great in off-road challenges. On the other hand, maneuvering is getting a boost by that. Well, the new SUVs are more versatile. So, expect the 2020 Toyota Venza with higher ground clearance.

The base setup will include a four-cylinder engine. Well, fans are definitely going to look for a V6. This one is coming as well, but its price is not going to make buyers happy. A 3.5-liter V6 is the choice and with it, 2020 Venza will cost over $30,000. The base configuration will pair a 2.5-liter four-pot engine with 8-speed transmission.

The same engine could serve as the base for a hybrid setup. Electric motors will add some power and improve fuel economy. This unit returns 30 mpg for RAV4 and 39 mpg for its hybrid version. However, the 2020 Toyota Venza Hybrid is going to be longer and heavier. So, the numbers will drop. The output of this system will probably achieve 230 horsepower and 200 pound-feet of torque.

2020 venza specs


The new 2020 Toyota Venza will be positioned between Highlander and RAV4 in every way – by size and by price. The smaller crossover starts at $26,000 and a three-row SUV costs $33,000. The base Venza could have the price tag under $29,000. All-wheel drive, V6, or hybrid configuration will start above $30,000. Top trim levels will cost $40,000 and more.

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  2. I loved my Venza! I only gave it up because it was discontinued. I ve been driving a Lexus NX but would go back in an instant for the room and lower profile.

    • I love my Venza it is lower than most SUV,s and easy to get my Momin and out of. It is also spacious for trips. I love the lines of it and would buy a new one in a minute if it had all the new safety features on it. Please bring it back

  3. Katherine A Salcido

    Please bring back the Venza, with it’s lower profile, it was the best car I’ve ever owned. My Mother and I were in an awful accident and my Venza was totaled, but it saved our lives! If the Venza returns I would definitely buy another one. I have never driven or owned a vehicle that I’ve enjoyed more, one evening at a signal light I noticed the Venza in front of me and I ended up purchasing my 2011 Venza that week. After the accident I would have immediately purchased another Venza, but they were discontinued.

    Please keep us updated on the Venza’s return!

  4. Love my 2011 Venza. The low profile is perfect for my height and the V-6 power is awesome. I had a 4-Runner but traded for the Venza because of problems getting in and out. Please bring it back!

  5. I have been inn the market for e new vehicle for about a year. I just can’t find a crossover/SUV that I like! It’s the same reason I bought my Venza in 2010, it was stylish and unique. Today in 2020, it’s still one of the most stylish cars in the road at 10 years old. Bring it back.

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