2021 Alfa Romeo Tonale Is Coming Next Year

The famous Italian sports carmaker is about to introduce a completely new model in the next year. As you may presume, we are talking about the 2021 Alfa Romeo Tonale, which will be the second crossover in the brand’s lineup. The concept version of this small SUV was presented last year in Geneva but it looks like the production model will come with a variety of modifications, particularly in terms of mechanics. In any case, we expect to see a pretty exciting crossover, which will offer excellent handling, sporty ride and great driving experience. Furthermore, you may count on beautiful aesthetics and a typical Alfa Romeo styling approach.

In terms of size, this will be a subcompact crossover, which will compete with models like BMW X2, Mercedes-Benz GLA and similar models. The latest reports suggest it will hit the market sometime in the next year, though we are still waiting to hear something from the officials.

2021 Alfa Romeo Tonale

2021 Alfa Romeo Tonale Design

As we’ve just mentioned, the new crossover had a premiere last year in Geneva. According to the latest reports, the production model won’t change too much, at least in terms of aesthetics. That would be great, as the concept version really looks amazing. The overall shape definitely has lots of things in common with the bigger Stelvio, but there is also the brand’s new styling philosophy, which evolves and now includes even more attractive headlights, which get new shape but stick to the legendary three rings on the inside.

What about platform?

The thing that really interests us is the platform. Things are still unclear in this aspect. At the time the concept version was presented, the plan was to mount 2021 Alfa Romeo Tonale on the same architecture FCA uses for models like Renegade and 500X. However, FCA and PSA merged meanwhile and that is the thing that brings all kinds of new possibilities. One of the things that come to mind is to use PSA’s platform called EMP, which already underprints models like DS3 Crossback and Opel Corsa. Of course, it brings FF layout, which is a quite typical thing for the segment, even though we are talking about premium brands.

On the other side, the obvious advantage is the fact that this platform opens loads of possibilities in terms of electrification. After all, the DS3 already comes with a PHEV setup, so we may count on something similar under the hood of 2021 Alfa Romeo Tonale as well. At this point, official details are still unavailable.


This aspect of the 2021 Alfa Romeo Tonale is still a complete mystery. So, we won’t go into details at this point. Moreover, we will stick the basic things only and we can say we expect typical Alfa Romeo design solutions. The cabin won’t be particularly spacious, as we are talking about a subcompact crossover. On the other side, we count on excellent driving position and ergonomics, hi-quality materials and a long list of standard and optional features.

Alfa Romeo Tonale Interior

2021 Alfa Romeo Tonale Engine

This aspect of the 2021 Alfa Romeo Tonale is still a complete mystery. Simply, we are still waiting to get exact details about the platform. Once we get them, we will know the possible palette of engines. If we see it riding on PSA’s platform, we may see it equipped with French engines as well. This particularly refers to gasoline engine options. We might see units like a 1.2-liter turbo inline-three. The most powerful version of this engine puts out around 155 horsepower. That seems like an appropriate amount of power for a crossover like this.

Furthermore, the DS3 comes in an all-electric version. So, we may see something similar in the offer for the 2021 Alfa Romeo Tonale. However, a PHEV model sounds more likely to us. So, one of the options is to see something similar to Jeep Renegade PHEV, which is about to hit the market in the near future.

2021 Alfa Romeo Tonale Release Date

2021 Alfa Romeo Tonale Release Date and Price

Most likely, the 2021 Alfa Romeo Tonale will hit the market sometime in the next year. Base models will probably go around 35.000 dollars. However, we are still waiting to hear something from the officials on this matter.

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