2021 Audi Q9: What We Know So Far

For a long time, we’ve been waiting for two German carmakers to join Mercedes-Benz in the segment of full-size SUVs. The Bavarian company entered it recently with the new X7, which looks pretty good. Now it’s Audi’s turn and the latest reports suggest this will happen already in the next year. The initial plan was to see this crossover on the market by the end of 2020. Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, everything has been pushed for another year, so the 2021 Audi Q9 will actually come in the second half of the next year.

At this point, we still don’t know the details about the new model, so some of the basic things are quite easy to predict. This particularly refers to the platform, engines and some general design characteristics. This will be a new flagship model of the brand, so we count on a lot of luxury as well,

2021 Audi Q9

2021 Audi Q9 Redesign

When it comes to base design characteristics, the first thing that comes to mind is the platform. Things are pretty clear in this aspect, as the 2021 Audi Q9 is about to ride on the company’s well-known MLB architecture, which underprints pretty much everything with a premium badge in the VAG Group. Of course, this particular model will have most things in common with Q7 and Q8 models, which belong to the mid-size segment.

So, another thing that comes to mind is the size. As we are talking about a full-size segment, the wheelbase will certainly be notably stretched. The mid-size siblings are good for about 118 inches between the axles, so there is no doubt that the 2021 Audi Q9 will add 3-4 inches more. We count on similar proportions to models like GLS and X7.


When it comes to the styling, we still don’t know the details but we can make some predictions. When it comes to the front end, there is no doubt that the new model will be fitted to the brand’s latest design language. This means a face that closely resembles the Q8 model, though we count on some additional tweaks as well. We count on several details that will make this model look more elegant and less aggressive, which means that those lines around the grille and headlights won’t be as sharp.

2021 Audi Q9 grille render

The overall shape should feature a similar shape to the Q7 model, just with bigger proportions. This means a typical wagon body style, with clean lines and not particularly high ground clearance. Audi never practiced too big ground clearance with its models, so the 2021 Audi Q9 will also come in a typical crossover layout.


On the inside, bigger surprises are not expected. The company from Ingolstadt rather sticks to classic design solutions, so there is no doubt that the dashboard design will be pretty conservative. At the same time, it will be full of high-quality materials and feature excellent build quality. Finally, count on all those Audi-typical tech goodies, including massive touchscreen, large digital instrument cluster etc. Altogether, this makes a pretty amazing combination.

When it comes to the interior space, a long wheelbase will certainly provide a lot of room on the inside. Therefore, count on standard three rows of seats, where the third one should also be able to accommodate adults relatively easily. The cargo area should also offer some respectable numbers for the class, compared to BMW and Mercedes-Benz. On the other side, North American rivals like Navigator and Escalade will remain far superior in this aspect.

2021 Audi Q9 Engines

Under the hood, we count on familiar options in the offer. Most likely, base models will come equipped with a familiar 3.0-liter V6, which puts out around 335 horsepower and 332 pound-feet of torque. Many reports suggest that the hybrid version based on this engine will be offered as well.

Of course, we count on the performance version as well, two of them to be more precise. Of course, one of them should be the SQ9, equipped with a 4.0-liter V8 and a max output of around 500 horsepower. The RS Q9 should be offered as well. It would use the same engine but tuned up to 600 or more horsepower. Some sources even suggest the possibility to see this engine in a combination with a mild-hybrid system.

2021 Audi Q9 release Date

2021 Audi Q9 Release Date and Price

We expect to see the 2021 Audi Q9 by the end of the next year. It should be similarly priced as its key competitors, which indicates that base models will probably go around 75.000 dollars.

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