2021 BMW iX5 Will Offer Excellent Performances and Impressive Range

Pretty much every luxury carmaker is taking electrification very seriously these days and BMW is no exception. The company already works on two new, all-electric crossovers that are about to hit the market next year. One of them is 2021 BMW iX5, which will represent the company in the segment of mid-size SUVs, along with the standard X5 model.

At this point, we know some of the details about the new EV crossover.  The testing model has been spotted on the road and despite the camouflage, it shows some of the design solutions, including aesthetics. Even some technical details are already available, including the fact that the new model will ride on the CLAR platform and features pretty respectable numbers. Some sources already suggest things like acceleration and range, though the specs are yet to come. The 2021 BMW iX5 is currently in an advanced stage of development and we expect it will hit the market sometime in the next year.

2021 BMW iX5

2021 BMW iX5 Design

There are so many interesting things about 2021 BMW iX5 design and one of them is about the platform. Although a new, all-electric vehicle, it will ride on a familiar CLAR platform. This architecture underprints most of the models in BMW’s combustion lineup. However, it is also designed to accommodate batteries and electric motors. In the case of 2021 BMW iX5, the motor will be located on the rear axle, so we can talk about the genuine BMW model, though higher trims will come with additional electric motors that send power to all wheels. When it comes to the battery pack, it will be located under the floor.

Therefore, the ground clearance may be compromised, but interior space won’t suffer at all. Moreover, such a layout will ensure a low center of gravity, which will have a positive impact on handling and overall driving experience.


When it comes to aesthetics, we’ve already seen the testing model for a couple of times. From what spy shots show it’s hard to say more, as it still wears a camouflage. However, the overall shape seems quite conventional and looks similar to the X5 in terms of size. On the other side, we can only speculate about the look of the front end. Without any doubt, the 2021 BMW iX5 will feature the famous kidney grille at the front, though this won’t be exactly a grille, considering that we are talking about an all-electric model.

There is no much to say about the rear end either, as the camouflage covers everything. However, one of the rare things we can see is the design of the hatch, which goes pretty wide and incorporates complete taillights.


Our spy photographers also managed to take a couple of shots of the interior as well. From what we can see on them is that the company still keeps everything as secret, except for two large screens at the center and behind the steering wheel. Allegedly, the production model will come with a single, curved screen, designed to supply the driver with all necessary information. The steering wheel is also completely new and it features flat bottom and top. The rest of the dashboard is still covered.

2021 BMW iX5 Steering Wheel

Although the 2021 BMW iX5 will feature similar size as the combustion X5, it is expected to feature a little bit more space, due to the EV layout. This means more legroom and standard third row of seats. Also, we expect that the cargo area will be slightly bigger, though the numbers are yet to come.

2021 BMW iX5 Performances and Range

As we already mentioned, BMW still hides technical details about the 2021 BMW iX5. We still don’t know the power and battery capacity, though the company actually came up with some interesting numbers. It looks like the most powerful version will be able to hit 60 in just 4.0 seconds, while the battery capacity will be large enough to provide an all-electric range of more than 370 miles. Those are pretty respectable numbers, but keep in mind that those figures are reserved for range-topping versions.

On the other side, base models will come with a single electric motor, mounted on the rear axle. As we already mentioned, the battery will be placed under the floor, and we also count on different capacities in the offer. Also, we expect to see some pretty advanced semi-autonomous driving systems packed with this attractive crossover.

2021 BMW iX5 release Date

2021 BMW iX5 Release Date and Price

The 2021 BMW iX5 is still under development but it looks like everything will be ready for the 2021 launch. We expect to see the new model sometime in the next year, while there is always a chance to see a premiere at some major car show first. Some of the key rivals will be models like Audi e-tron, Tesla Model X etc.

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