2021 Ford Escape Interior, ST, RS

The 2021 Ford Escape will be a unique compact crossover SUV if the rumors come true. For some while, we can hear that the US carmaker is preparing the stunning move – a seven-seat model. It is still unclear why would they do that and how it is possible to happen. Still, we are not writing off chances for this to happen in the foreseeable future. That is not all since the new Escape will suffer some big changes before it steps to the market again. Furthermore, there are hybrid choices, more safety features, connectivity options.

The fourth generation of the compact crossover is arriving in 2020. Later next year Ford is going to unveil Kuga, the European version of the Escape. We believe these two will now have more differences and it will be easier to recognize them. Still, the new Kuga will get a hybrid engine as well. The 2021 Ford Escape will introduce a new look. Front and rear fascia are changed. Also, the vehicle could stand higher, to support off-road drive. Finally, there will be at least one performance version, and it is up to the Blue Oval company to announce if RS or ST badges are coming for the Escape.

Versatility Is The Key

With all these things mentioned, you can easily conclude that 2021 Ford Escape will be the vehicle for everything. It takes all the advantages of the crossover SUV segment. More comfortable, but still powerful, the model brings a lot of fans, either for drivers or passengers. If you need to go on longer trips – there will be a seven-seat version. Furthermore, the hybrid model will save fuel and money for other activities. If you want a bit of off-road drive, extra ground clearance will help. Finally, the 2021 Escape will also offer a sportier tuning with RS or St packages. So, there is something for everyone.


2021 Ford Escape Engines

Ford is keeping all three petrol engine for the new generation of the compact crossover. The smallest one is a 1.5-liter four-cylinder unit. Turbocharged, it can deliver 180 hp and 180 lb-ft of torque. A 2.0-liter turbo-four brings more power, 245 hp. Compared to the outgoing models, the 2021 Ford Escape will probably get the new transmission. Both these units were mated to a six-speed automatic gearbox. The good thing is that the front- and all-wheel drive was available. The new transmission, probably a 10-pace case, will improve fuel economy. The smaller engine returned 26 mpg combined while using FWD, while the larger one consumed 2 mpg more.

2021 Ford Escape Hybrid

Ok, we said there are three petrol choices, and we mentioned two. The third one is a 2.5-liter naturally-aspirated inline-four. This one is delivering 180 hp, but for the 2021 Ford Escape, it will be a base for a hybrid setup. There are only a few details available about this system. First, we know there will be both hybrid and PHEV variants. The output of the first one will be 210 horsepower. The other one will be able to run by using electric power only. Bosses said the Escape PHEV will have a range of at least 30 miles.

2020 Escape

2021 Ford Escape ST and RS Performance Crossover SUV

The 2021 Ford Escape ST is the more likely option to happen than the RS. However, it is less exciting than the high-end Rallye Sport product. We can say the ST is almost certain since the European twin is already using this package. Overseas, Kuga is using a 2.3-liter turbo engine that produces 280 hp and 310 lb-ft of torque. A 2.0-liter engine for the regular Escape will make 250 hp. So, engineers will push this one closer to 300 horses. If the RS variant happens, be sure that the Rallye Sport Team will make it produce 400 hp.


The 2021 Ford Escape is getting a whole new look. The new crossover is longer than the previous one. It gives us a reason to suspect that a seven-seat model is possible. On the other hand, the company announced that it saved 200 pounds by using new materials, such as aluminum and similar. The new shape of the Escape crossover is also more aesthetic, and the model is leaving rugged look. Now, the lines are smoother and the front fascia is cleaner. There will be more room inside thanks to the extra length. On the other hand, batteries of the hybrid models will be under rear seats, and it could shed some space. Also, forget about the sliding second row if you pick one of the hybrids.


2021 Ford Escape Price

The new 2021 Ford Escape will cost slightly more than before. However, we are more interested in the price of the new versions. The value of the hybrid model depends on a battery pack. However, it will cost probably around $30,000, and the PHEV version could hit $35,000. The performance-oriented ST could settle somewhere between, while the RS could go up to $45,000. 

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