2021 Ford Flex Comeback Rumors, Price, Interior

Just a year ago, the original Ford Flex was discontinued and we are already getting reports about the comeback. The original version was in production for a full decade. Meanwhile, we saw one facelift but sales have never been particularly amazing. Moreover, there were usually around 25.000 units on a yearly basis. Successor didn’t come, at least not initially. However, rumors suggest this could change pretty quickly, with the 2021 Ford Flex.

At this point, we don’t know too many details about this comeback, so take the following paragraphs with a reserve. Still, we can speculate about some of the most basic design characteristics, especially if we consider that the original model was characterized by some pretty unique solutions. The new 2021 Ford Flex could arrive already in the next year.

2021 Ford Flex

2021 Ford Flex Redesign

When it comes to base design characteristics, the 2021 Ford Flex would probably stick to the original approach. In practice, this means a boxy, practical shape. Still, let’s start with the mechanics. One of the things that come to mind is the platform. The original model was in a tight relationship with the Explorer, so we may presume that things won’t be much different in the new model. This means switching to a new CD6 architecture, which features a completely different, RWD layout.

It’s easy to conclude that the 2021 Ford Flex would be much more fun to drive. The new Flex would probably be bigger too. We expect more than 120 inches in wheelbase, which would provide enough space to make this crossover competitive with models like Chevy Traverse or VW Atlas.

When it comes to styling, we have no doubt that the new model would stick to the recognizable boxy shape. The overall silhouette would remain the same, while the biggest changes would happen at the front. Of course, we are talking about the front end, which would once again come with unique styling, rather than following the brand’s current design language.


This has always been the strongest point of this crossover, so we presume that things won’t be much different with the 2021 Ford Flex. Once again, we count on plenty of passenger space, while the longer wheelbase would provide even more legroom than before. Of course, we also count on plenty of cargo space, while the boxy shape will be fantastic in terms of loading and unloading large objects.

2021 Ford Flex interior

Besides plenty of space, we expect that the new model will also feature a much better dashboard design than before. This particularly refers to the quality of materials, while the list of standard and available equipment should be pretty long as well.

2021 Ford Flex Engines

While the previous generation was powered by large naturally-aspirated V6 engines, the new model will probably rely on smaller turbo-four units. The base models will probably use a familiar 2.3-liter turbo-four, which puts out around 300 horsepower. Higher trim levels would probably use a new 3.0-liter turbo V6, which is good for about 400 horsepower.

If the new 2021 Ford Flex arrives, there is a big chance to see a hybrid version in the offer as well. This leads us to the same system that powers the new Explorer Hybrid, which is based on a 3.3-liter V6 engine and puts out around 318 horsepower.

2020 Ford Flex Release Date

2021 Ford Flex Release Date and Price

While some sources suggest that the 2021 Ford Flex could hit the market already in the next year, keep in mind that all this is just a rumor and that the officials are still quiet about this comeback. Therefore. Take this article with a big reserve. If this model comes back, we presume that base versions will go around 35.000 dollars.

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