2021 Ford Mach E Release date, Range, Specs

We knew Ford is going to be after Tesla and its electric SUVs. In the beginning, fans were talking about the vehicle without a piece of knowledge about its name. Now, we are unveiling more details about the project. The 2021 Ford Mach E is the electric model that will be based on the famous pony car Mustang. What’s more, we can hear the company plans to launch its first electric crossover next season as one of the first units rolling from factory lines. Nevertheless, the carmaker will also deliver over 20 new hybrid, PHEV, and EV vehicles by 2023.

The electric crossover market is not offering too many models yet. Besides Tesla Model Y, we are not seeing any other currently in dealerships. Whatsoever, there are few official announcements, such as 2021 Ford Mach E. Audi e-tron and BMW iX3 are very likely to appear before the Blue Oval launches its vehicle. Both German companies are taking this job seriously with Audi promised that their EV crossover is going to offer 250 miles of range, while BMW is raising the bar to 300 miles.

2021 Ford Mach E Concept

The electric squad in Ford’s family will drastically grow in the next few years. The EV crossover is the first of a kind and many other vehicles will follow its example. The 2021 Ford Mach E is going to be based on a few existing models. First, you can guess from its name the Mustang is one of the vehicles whose threads we will recognize on the electric crossover. Also, teaser images are showing the car with horse badge, so there are no doubts the Ford is aiming for its most iconic product to boost the sales.

But, the concept is actually based on the Focus sedan. Another crossover that uses the same platform is Escape, so we could see similar dimensions for these two relatives. The architecture is C2 front-drive, and the codename of the project that will result in an all-electric crossover is CX430. The platform is fresh, the company launched the first vehicle built on that one last year. It was Focus. It replaces Global C architecture which was 8 years old. This new project allows Ford to cut costs of development and engineering. Only for this purpose, the Blue Oval company is investing over $5 billion in the next five years. Besides that, chiefs unveiled the development process will need less time, probably 20-25 percent.

Ford is trying to do the same as Volkswagen with its famous MQB platform. However, the German company launched this architecture seven years ago and nearly 50 percent of their vehicles are now using this modular engineering. Ford is going to need some time to catch up with the VW, but definitely, the C2 and 2021 Ford Mach E are good signs of improvements.

Specs, Range

During the premiere, we could hear only estimations about 2021 Ford Mach E range. The new electric crossover will use special batteries that will offer 300 miles of drive between two recharges. Later, spokesmen raised the bar to 370 miles. But, this is going to be the output of higher-grade units. BMW plans a similar strategy, with an entry-level EV crossover offering 300 miles, and the most durable battery will be good for more than 400 miles. The more range a vehicle gets its price will be higher. With electric models still being expensive, these high-end versions won’t be affordable.

Ford’s Electrification Plan

The US company plans to build over 20 electrified vehicles across the world in the next three or four years. We could read their heavy investment of $15 billion into this process. And the first results are already here. European versions of Fiesta and Focus arrive as hybrids next year, while in the US we will see the mid-size Explorer SUV with electric drivetrain supporting the petrol engine. In the crossover/SUV category, the automaker will add hybrid and PHEV systems to all models. It will be interesting to see how Ford plans to pull this off with a large Expedition or luxury Lincoln Navigator.

The electrification of vehicles has started. Next decade will complete the evolution and announce the end of diesel engines. With zero emissions, EVs are definitely the future of the automotive industry. The only downside is the recharging time. But, this is also improving from the initial systems. Now, you can recharge existing EVs in two hours by using special systems, and 6-7 hours by using home outlets.

2021 Ford Mach E Release Date

The company is yet to release many details about the 2021 Ford Mach E. We still don’t know outputs of the crossover, acceleration and recharging time, price… But, it is still early to talk about final numbers, since there is more than a year until the EV crossover hits the market. During 2020 we will see the premiere of the vehicle. Detroit seems to be the perfect place for the debut now when it is moved for summer. We won’t have to wait for too long until Ford launches sales after the premiere.

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