2021 Mercedes AMG GLE53 Review, Spy shots

Although it already debuted, we will wait to see the 2021 Mercedes AMG GLE53 in the US soil for more than a year. The highlights of the mid-size SUV are the new hybrid drivetrain and the new suspension system. Yes, Mercedes is already offering three different setups for the standard GLE, and the AMG package installs the fourth. The German carmaker is making the evolution under the hood by delivering the performance-oriented model with the hybrid drivetrain. We are not seeing that so frequently in the mid-size market, so this is a huge step for the entire industry.

Of course, rivals of the 2021 Mercedes AMG GLE53 are not just watching the automaker’s moves. The most important competition comes from German carmakers. BMW is going to deliver a new X5 with M package. Audi Q7 is advertised as a full-size SUV. But, its engines are making it more competitive in the mid-size segment. Next year the new SQ7 is arriving, probably with e-ton drivetrain capable to produce 450 horsepower.

2021 Mercedes AMG GLE53 Specs

The drivetrain of the 2021 Mercedes AMG GLE53 is a 3.0-liter V6 engine with electric supercharger. Compared to the previous model, the new SUV is using different features to boost the overall driving impression and comfort in ride. Of course, the performance takes advantage as well. The petrol drivetrain produces 430 hp and 380 lb-ft of torque. Electric supply is worth 21 hp and 185 lb-ft of torque. So, the total output is 450 hp and 560 pound-feet. The electric motor also serves for the start of the SV.

Changes in Drivetrain System

The new AMG is succeeding the old GLE450. With the name change, we will also see some other changes under the hood. The 48-volt battery is sending energy to the supercharger. This modifies height and damping settings, as well as the spring setup. Previously, the GLE450 used an E-Active Body Control system, while the AMG GLE 53 is getting Airmatic air suspension. With adjustable height, the new vehicle sits 0.6 inches lower at speeds above 75 mph.

Furthermore, the company installs the anti-roll bars on both axles. This system also gets power from the electric system and splits the energy. The outcome is the more balanced ride, especially while cornering at higher speeds. For the better off-road performance, there are two different drive modes available only for the AMG version, Sand and Trail. 

2021 Mercedes AMG GLE53 Styling and Features

The new 2021 Mercedes AMG GLE53 will look more aggressive than before. Thank the Panamericana grille for that and its straight-bar design. Besides that, the new AMG package brings the quad exhaust tips for the more aggressive sound. Inside we find leather and special red stitching. Optionally, genuine leather and special trims are available. There is also a unique G-meter available through extra AMG interior layout. The new MBUX is the class-leading infotainment system. The SUV also offers something called AMG Track Pace. That will create the impression of Formula 1 driving with a lot of system info available through the MBUX.

AMG Challenge – GLE53 vs GLE63

Mercedes recently launched the new version of the SUV. The GLE 580 slots between two AMG models with its 4.0-liter engine and the price close to $80,000. However, it is not going to last for too long, since the top of the class models GLE 63 is on the way. It will use the same hybrid system but in combination with a 4.0-liter V8 drivetrain. Total output is going to be over 600 hp and 625 lb-ft of torque. The same setup will be squeezed for 650 hp for the full-size GLS and its AMG model.

Compared to its twin, 2021 Mercedes AMG GLE53, the GLE63 is faster. These 600+ ponies are dropping the 0-60 mph time by nearly 1 second. Top speeds are limited at 155 mph. all the features will make a huge difference in price since the new 2021 Mercedes AMG GLE63 is going to cost around $105,000. The only more expensive version is AMG GLS with a starting price around $130,000.

2021 Mercedes AMG GLE53 Spy Photos and Release Date

The new 2021 Mercedes AMG GLE53 is coming next year. However, the company is not unveiling the exact date. We could see both AMG twins at the new Detroit Auto Show. In 2020 is it happening in summer and that is the first time we are seeing it in the new format. It allows carmakers to show off their fresh products and concepts.

In Detroit, we will find out more about the pricing. Estimations are that GLE53 AMG will cost somewhere around $80,000, like the GLE 580 with standard features. Spy photos are showing the production-ready SUV, so it is just a matter of time when it will appear. BMW is going to deliver its X5 M also as the 2021 year model, while the Audi SQ7 is coming the last. 

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