2021 Renault Koleos Review, Specs, Black Edition, Intens, Facelift

After the last year’s mid-cycle refresh, it was pretty much expected to see 2021 Renault Koleos with familiar design characteristics. Even though we are talking about one of the most crowded segments in the business, the French carmaker decided to go at a steady pace and to keep the current generation in the offer for a few more years.

All in all, the new model continues to deliver typical Renault qualities. It is comfortable, spacious, loaded with features and offers good overall ride quality. However, there are also a few drawbacks to mention. The interior should be nicer, while mechanics aren’t the best in the class.

2021 Renault Koleos

2021 Renault Koleos Redesign

In terms of base design characteristics, the 2021 Renault Koleos brings no surprises. The mechanics are pretty much the same as in the X-Trail, with the exception of the powertrain lineup, which rather focuses on diesel units. Also, we should mention a slightly different suspension setup, which is slightly on a soft side, compared to Nissan’s model.

Visually, the recent update has brought a couple of styling tweaks but the styling remained largely the same. That’s not a bad thing, considering that we are talking about one of the best-looking models in the class, which completely follows the brand’s latest design language. The front face utilizes Renaul’s recognizable headlights, which are one of the main reasons for such an appealing look. We presume that the current model will remain in production for a few more years and that visual changes won’t come before the complete overhaul.


Once again, no big things happened with the 2021 Renault Koleos. It continues in the same way, offering one of the most spacious cabins in the class. Both rows are generous with space and accommodate adult passengers with ease, so it’s no wonder that some experts were even suggesting the possibility to see a three-row version. However, such a thing won’t happen and the current generation will remain available only as a five-seater.

2021 Renault Koleos Interior

When it comes to the interior quality, the Koleos feels a little bit more upscale compared to what we have used to see in Renault models. Materials are finer but still not as good as those found in rival models like 3008 or Tiguan. Also, the dashboard looks uninspiring, though we have to say that the infotainment system does a pretty fine job. We also like the fact that base models come with a quite long list of standard equipment.

2021 Renault Koleos Engines

When it comes to the powertrain, the last year’s update has brought some changes and the 2021 Renault Koleos continued in the same way. The core of the offer are two diesel units. The first one is a 1.6-dCi unit, which is good for about 130 horsepower. It definitely isn’t a choice for more ambitious drivers but those who look for a decent daily commuter will be more than satisfied with the performance, and even more with the economy.

On the other side, more ambitious drivers can opt for a 2.0-liter turbodiesel, which puts out nearly 190 horsepower and offers notably better performance. On certain markets, you can still find gasoline versions in the offer. Of course, those are Nissan’s well-known and proven units, with 2.0 and 2.5 liters in displacement. Still, keep in mind that gasoline models use CVT gearbox, while diesels come standard with a 6-speed manual.

2021 Renault Koleos pricing

2021 Renault Koleos Pricing

When it comes to the price, the UK model starts around £27,500 but decently configured models probably cost you more than 30 grants. Some of the key competitors are models like Peugeot 3008, VW Tiguan, Hyundai Tuscon etc.

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