2021 Tesla Model Y Price, Specs, Interior, Features

Tesla learned a lesson with the Model X. It is expensive and the sales don’t meet expectations. The 2021 Tesla Model Y is nearly ready. Elon Musk was dancing at the launching of the new factory in China. Well, the model for the US market will be built in Tesla’s plant in California. The crossover SUV is going to return 280 miles in a single charge. Long-distance versions are coming with 300 miles, while the model with 230 miles will be available later.

The all-electric segment is growing. If it reaches production, Fisker Ocean will be the biggest threat to the 2021 Tesla Model Y. Nissan also presented the Ariya concept, the architecture for future electric crossovers. Jaguar I-Pace is there as well, and upgrades could make it a true competitor. Still, the biggest rival is Ford. The Blue Oval company launched the Mach E, Mustang-based electric SUV.

2021 Tesla Model Y front view

Recently, the company’s CEO Elon Musk was in China, where the new factory was built in less than a year. There was a perfect moment to announce the new Shanghai plant will be home to the Model Y. That means the production could start soon. We also expect more from the company. Electric trucks and roadsters are still a priority. Cybertruck is not what fans were looking for.

2021 Tesla Model Y Specs

The base version of the 2021 Tesla Model Y will use a 60 kWh battery ready to drive you 230 miles. Well, this model is coming the last one after its siblings with a longer range. The weakest unit needs 25 minutes to recharge 80 percent of a battery, which is around 190 miles. The base model needs six seconds for a 0-60 mph sprint and reaches 120 mph.

On the other side is the long-range version with 300 miles of range. A larger battery needs less time to reach 60 mph (5.5 sec) and it is faster than the abovementioned version (130 mph). In 8 hours you will fully recharge a 74 kWh unit, and an 80-percent charge takes 30 minutes.

The first edition that will come out will use the same battery that produces 350 hp and 390 lb-ft of torque. Still, it reduces the distance to 280 miles. Finally, the company is preparing the Performance model. In this case, the setup provides a quicker acceleration (0-60 mph in 3.5 seconds) and faster overall (150 mph).

Self-Driving Features

Tesla is already well-known for its self-driving system. Autonomous drive is the most advanced in the market, although it is still Level 2, The next one could jump over Level 3 and deliver more advanced accessories. We can expect that from the US company and 2021 Tesla Model Y could be the first-ever production crossover with Level 4. Minimum interference is needed and the driver will jump in only when it is necessary. BMW and Nissan also announced the development of a similar system. This could speed up works in Tesla’s labs.

Necessary Styling and Interior

The US company knows how to surprise its fans with a radical approach. Well, it doesn’t turn right every time. For example, the latest Cybertruck is definitely not something we expect to do tough tasks on the field. According to teaser images, the 2021 Tesla Model Y is not going to experiment with the design. Classic shape will get some advanced systems and parts, but nothing extravagant. The crossover is smaller than its predecessor, Model X, which means better handling and agility.

A total of 178 inches is enough for three-rows of seats. The rear bench will be a bit tight, but this is an optional version. You can still make the Model Y a two-row crossover with five seating spots. According to announcements, total cargo space inside the vehicle is 65 cu.ft. behind the first row.

A few images are not showing what will the 2021 Tesla Model Y look like. These are concepts and we can compare it to Model 3. Some of the premium features will be cut to make the crossover more affordable. Of course, heavily-packed trims will bring more range, features, and luxury. Autonomous drive is definitely a highlight and we won’t see navigation right from the base model. Premium audio will also be optional. HUD and Apple CarPlay are a safe bet. Premium upholstery, unique details, and a lot of sensors will make the interior elegant.

2021 Tesla Model Y Release Date and Price

The base price of the 2021 Tesla Model Y is not even close to the MSRP of its bigger sibling. The company took critics seriously. Well, bad sales made them also reconsider the initial cost of the upcoming crossover. The new Model Y will start around $40,000. We will know more when the vehicle debuts. The new auto show in Detroit is a perfect place for the premiere. The event was moved from January to June and the eyes of the entire automotive industry will be set to Michigan.

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