2021 VW ID.4 Crozz: Features, Specs, Range

The German carmaker is bringing to us two completely new, all-electric models for the next year. Both are crossovers and both are very similar. However, you may count on some quite notable differences. One of these two will come as the 2021 VW ID.4 Crozz, and it will be a little bit more refined version, with a sleeker body and more crossover-ish look. On the other side, the model with the “X” badge will look a little bit more rugged and offer slightly better off-road performances.

From what we know so far about this all-electric crossover, things look really promising. First of all, we are about to see a quite capable vehicle, which offers decent performances and, more importantly, a pretty respectable range. The latter is vastly important these days and one of the things that can really help stand out from the crowd. On the other side, the exact details about the price and release date are still a mystery, though some sources came up with their prediction.

2021 VW ID.4 Crozz

2021 VW ID.4 Crozz Drivetrain

Of course, the most interesting part of this crossover will be the drivetrain. It looks like we are about to see a quite interesting setup, as base versions are about to come with a single-motor setup. That electric motor will be good for about 200 horsepower, which should be enough to provide decent performances. For those who are looking for something peppier, the company will offer performance versions, equipped with another electric motor that puts out around 100 horses.

When it comes to battery and range, the details are still unavailable. The only thing we know is that the max range should go around 310 miles. That would be more compared to all potential rivals except for Tesla models. Of course, we presume that the company will offer different charging options, including fast-charging options.

2021 VW ID.4 Crozz Design

In terms of base design characteristics, this will be a completely new model. The German manufacturer is establishing a completely new sub-brand called ID, which will bring a variety of electric cars to the offer. The 2021 VW ID.4 Crozz and ID.4 X are first to come and the former will be a more refined version of these two. The two models will feature the same wheelbase, though the Crozz will be slightly shorter and lower. In numbers, the new crossover will be good for nearly 109 inches in wheelbase, while the overall length should go around 180.8 inches. That seems like a great balance between compact dimension and interior functionality, but we will get on this in a minute. Mechanically, the two models will be mostly the same, though we count on slight differences in terms of the suspension setup.

2021 VW ID.4 Crozz Prototype


When it comes to the styling, the two models will look quite similar, but each one will also come with a lot of exclusive details. As we already mentioned, the 2021 VW ID.4 Crozz will be shorter and it will also features a slightly sleeker profile. Therefore, it will come with a little bit sportier layout, while the front end will be notably different. You may count on different bumper and headlights, which will look a little bit more aggressive in this case. Still, all these differences won’t be that drastic. This will still be a typical VW vehicle, with a quite conservative design approach that comes with just a couple of futuristic details that accentuate the model’s all-electric character.

2021 VW ID.4 Crozz


At this point, the cabin design is a complete mystery. Although the new model had a presentation in China, the German manufacturer didn’t show the cabin, but rather just exterior. Therefore, it’s hard to talk about details. On the other side, we have no doubt that the interior quality will be on a high level. This manufacturer always does a great job when it comes to materials and build quality, so 2021 VW ID.4 Crozz shouldn’t be an exception. Of course, we also count on loads of advanced tech goodies, both in terms of infotainment technologies and advanced safety systems.

When it comes to the interior space, a quite long wheelbase will certainly provide plenty of legroom, especially if we consider that EV models are highly beneficial in this aspect. Therefore, count on a pretty generous offer of passenger and cargo room. Some sources also suggest the optional third row, though the company is still quiet on this matter.

2021 VW ID.4 Crozz Release Date and Price

According to the latest reports, the 2021 VW ID.4 Crozz will hit the Chinese market sometime late this year, while the North American model will probably arrive in early 2021. When it comes to the price, base versions will probably go around 35.000 dollars. Some of the potential rivals are models like Hyundai Kona EV, Tesla Model Y etc.

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