2021 VW Tiguan R Line Review, Price

The new 2021 VW Tiguan R Line is going to introduce some novelties for the special package of features. The company announced that they are working on the new compact crossover, so details are not available yet. However, we can already say a few things. First of all, the R Line suite will be available only at higher trim levels. Currently, Only SEL is using this upgrade. In the future, some lower trims could get it as well. On the other hand, from spy photos of the new Tiguan, we can notice a more aggressive vehicle. That could be the R performance model. Do not mix it with R Line, since the other one is a package that upgrades current trim levels.

With the new version, Volkswagen Tiguan will be more competitive in the market, especially the US. In Europe, the German crossover is one of the most popular units. Still, this one needs to make a breakthrough on the major stage. On the other hand, competition is the biggest in the compact crossover segment. Nissan Rogue is the best-selling model in 2018.

However, other Japanese companies are also ranked pretty high on the list. Toyota Rav4 and Honda CR-V will be rivals in other markets as well. What’s more, there are also domestic products – Ford Escape, Chevy Equinox, and Jeep Compass. The fastest growing companies are coming from South Korea. Hyundai announced the new Tucson and Kia is preparing Sportage for the next season.

Engine Specifications

The new 2021 VW Tiguan R Line will continue to use the same reliable engine. The only option for this crossover is a 2.0-liter turbocharged unit with 185 hp and 220 pound-feet of torque. It consumes slightly more fuel, but the engine delivers above average power numbers. The towing capacity of the entire Tiguan lineup is 1,500 pounds. An eight-speed transmission is sending power to front wheels and a 4Motion all-wheel drive is an option. However, we recommend this upgrade since it is making a difference. The 4Motion system is going to distribute power to the wheel that needs it the most. Front or rear wheels, right or left side – the smart system recognizes and boosts the torque in that corner. Furthermore, drivers can select one out of four drive modes: Eco, Normal, Sport, and Custom.

Tiguan R Performance Crossover

The latest spy photos are giving us glimpses of the new version in the lineup. Many will mix up the 2021 VW Tiguan R Line and Tiguan R. While the first one is a package with features, the R model is a performance-tuned crossover. It is based on the new T-Roc R and Golf R. This lineup is copying the high-output squad of its premium segment Audi, with RS and SQ versions. Why we believe so strong this is going to happen? The quad-exhaust system is key proof. Above-mentioned R vehicles are offering the same feature. The Tiguan crossover is the next to get this performance upgrade.

Well, Volkswagen will have to prepare numerous other changes for the Tiguan R. The drivetrain is going to be able to deliver 300 hp and 300 pound-feet of twist. A seven-speed DCT gearbox replaces an eight-speed transmission. Instead of the 4Motion, VW will install Haldex AWD. Wheels, spoilers, bumpers, and other parts, will be much more aggressive than we got used on the standard edition. Finally, we hear that max speed is limited to 155 mph and the R model needs 5 seconds to sprint to 60 mph.

What Do We Get With R-Line Package?

The 2021 VW Tiguan R Line will be available with SEL and SEL Premium trim levels. If you choose one of these models, you will get 19-inch wheels and unique body colors. Bumpers and side skirts are also R-Line upgrades, while optionally buyers can get 20-inch wheels. Inside the cockpit, we find more changes, especially with SEL Premium trim. However, the R Line will add a lot of badges and unique headrests and sportier steering wheel. More command buttons are there as well. The new multimedia system is on the way, and Volkswagen could present it with the new 2021 VW Tiguan R Line. Welcome notification is something special and the crossover is definitely keeping it.

The rest of the vehicle will depend on the trim level you choose. As said, the SEL model is available with an 8-inch touchscreen display. Navigation is standard, as well as the adaptive cruise control. The next upgrade you can get is the same package with the 4Motion AWD. SEL Premium model comes with leather seats in three color options and various other upgrades.

2021 VW Tiguan R-Line Prices

The base Tiguan is S and it costs $25,000. The SEL package, which is the condition to upgrade it to 2021 VW Tiguan R Line, will cost $32,000. Then, you need to pay $2,000 to get this package and its features. The 4Motion and R Line will make the Tiguan’s price go above $35,000. The most expensive version is SEL Premium R Line 4Motion. The exclusive crossover comes with the price sticker above $40k.

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