Bentley small electric SUV Concept

Latest reports suggest that the famous luxury carmaker is working on a completely new model that will feature an all-electric powertrain. Our reliable sources suggest it will be a crossover. This manufacturer released a completely new Bentayga a few years ago and after great receptions, they are aiming for some smaller and more affordable SUV. Unlike some rivals that will directly switch to electric sources of power, this manufacturer will offer a hybrid version first. The Bentayga Hybrid is on its way. Soon after, the all-electric smaller SUV should come.

To remind you, this brand is under VW Group. The German giant already has a strategy for the electrification, which makes things much simpler for Bentley. The new electric SUV is about to come in a concept for first and we expect that will borrow many design solutions and technologies from upcoming electric cars from VW.

Bentley small electric SUV Concept review

Bentley small electric SUV Concept design

Well, it is still early for some details, since the new model isn’t even confirmed yet. We can’t even find a scratch of the new crossover. However, we can speculate about it and make some prediction. First of all, it is certain that the new Bentley small SUV will feature smaller dimension than Bentayga. This puts the new model in the class of compact SUVs. This automatically means a significantly more affordable price, compared to the ultra-luxurious Bentayga.

When it comes to some base design characteristics, we can presume that many of VW technologies will find their place in this crossover. Simply, this model will be smaller and significantly cheaper, so there is enough space for some more production-friendly parts. We are pretty sure that the new model will first come in some kind of a concept form, maybe already in about a year or two.

Bentley small electric SUV Concept front view

How Bentley small electric SUV Concept will look like

Well, we don’t know the exact details about the styling of the new SUV, but some things are already clear. First of all, we don’t expect to see any radical change, when it comes to the design language. This manufacturer has it famous design philosophy which didn’t change for years. So, don’t expect those changes now. Of course, there will be some distinctive details, especially because this will be an electric car. However, we are pretty sure that the new model will feature a familiar Bentayga’s look, just in a smaller package. Like we already said, we expect to see a Bentley small electric SUV Concept first, which will show us what we can expect from the production model.

Bentley small electric SUV Concept powertrain

This is probably the most mysterious part of the new model. Unlike some other manufacturers that decided to switch directly from internal-combustion to electric powertrain, Bentley will offer a hybrid version first. This will provide some important knowledge in terms of battery and similar things. Also, it is important to mention that VW already works on a completely new line of electric cars. So, it is pretty much certain that the new Bentley small electric SUV Concept will use pretty much all of these technological achievements. The new model will definitely be a hi-performance SUV, but we expect great results in terms of the economy too. According to some predictions, the new crossover will feature around 300 miles of range.

Bentley small electric SUV Concept

Bentley small electric SUV Concept release date

It is very hard to say something more specific at the moment. The new crossover is still in early stage of development. So, we will have to wait several years to see the final product. Meanwhile, we expect to see Bentley small electric SUV Concept version.

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