Bollinger B1 very powerful All-Electric SUV Review 

The CEO of Bollinger Motors, Robert Bollinger, unveiled the new four-door Bollinger B1 All-Electric SUV this summer. From its squared-off, rugged looks, it appears Bollinger B1 borrows a host of inspirations from the famous Land Rover Defender.

The only exception is that Bollinger takes its EV a couple of steps further with an all-new 4-door version. The inbound vehicle has the impeccable off-road capability as it’s built like an honest-to-goodness truck.

Bollinger B1 front view

Bollinger B1 – Design, Space and Dimension

The first grainy images of the 4-door Bollinger B1 all-electric SUV have surfaced. These pictures show how it looks in an army green color, which Robert Bollinger asserts will be available at launch. As far as dimensions go, it measures 159 inches long with a 114-inch wheelbase. Regardless of the extended length, the B1 maintains its ground clearance at 15.5 inches. Hence, it becomes a perfect EV to take off-road ventures.

The B1 has adequate space that draws most of its adherents. Its two seats at the back can be detached, and the rear trunk is about 49 inches between the wheel wells. This space is good enough to accommodate 4×8-foot plywood sheets. A front trunk is also available because there’s no motor taking up space.

Furthermore, this car has a low center of gravity since the motors, batteries and almost all the electronics are stacked beneath the floor.

Retro Interior

The next Bollinger B1 All-Electric SUV similarly bucks a high-tech trend common on new cars. It includes Bluetooth connectivity, an AUX input and a radio with an FM/AM receiver. It has no touchscreen and its dashboard is almost entirely analog. We can even see an analog battery-level indicator. A small LCD screen to the left is the only available digital display on this model.

Although B1 takes the low-tech approach, it is still an EV with plenty of power. In the dashboard, we find USB and 12-volt outlets along with a lot of standard 110-volt plugs throughout the truck. This, combined with an abundant space, makes the Bollinger B1 an attractive outdoor alternative to a Jeep.

Bollinger B1 interior

Engine and Range

The B1 All-Electric SUV includes a dual-motor powertrain that yields up to 360 horsepower and 472 pound-feet of torque. This drivetrain is good enough to push the truck to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds.

Note that the range varies depending on the specific battery setup. This is because Bollinger Motors is planning to sell the B1 in two distinct battery pack configurations. According to Bollinger, the standard 60kWh battery is good for about 120 miles of range. The automaker also avails a 100kWh battery option that reaches up to 200 miles of range.

Bollinger B1 rear view

Bollinger B1 – Price and Production Date

The Bollinger manufactures has promised to release pricing details later this year. At the moment, the Bollinger Motors is working to secure manufacturing in the United States.

Once this is finalized, deliveries on the B1 All-Electric SUV models are expected to begin in 19 months time. Keep your eyes open because we will update this space as soon as more feeds are available.

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