Nissan IMX Concept LEAF-Based electric SUV

Like many other popular car makers, Japan-based car giant Nissan is busy revamping its portfolio for 2019 and subsequent years. The company is also keen on introducing more cars driven by greener technologies. That explains why company came up with the Nissan IMX Concept.

This is a compact electric crossover showcased at Geneva Motor Show and it follows the Kuro concept design.

Nissan IMX front

Nissan IMX Concept Exterior has Futuristic Design

The Nissan IMX Concept is a striking looking SUV. It has a futuristic design with lots of sharp lines on the body. The IMX has also gray body color and black wheels. Developed on the company’s new electric vehicle architecture the SUV has a flat floor and the battery pack is kept beneath it.

After the IMX Concept was showcased at the Tokyo Auto Show Nissan designers altered the design and made the grille more prominent looking.

Nissan IMX Interior features next-generation technologies

The lounge-like interior looks sleek and features wood grain-trim. Nissan officials also say that the driver can control most features with eye and hand movements.

However, the cabin of IMX concept has been a focus on spaciousness and utility. The panoramic OLED instrument panel looks suave.

The IMX concept features next-generation technologies to make driving safer and smoother. It is not certain if all of the technologies will make it to the production version or not. However, there is no denying the fact the vehicle is ahead of its competitors- even on a concept level.

Nissan IMX interior

Nissan IMX Engine covers over 370 miles

The USP of the Nissan IMX Concept is its powertrain. It is what the company calls a zero-emission crossover concept. There are 2 high-output electric motors with AWD. The combined output is 430 horsepower. Furthermore, the company says that on a single full charge the vehicle can cover over 370 miles.

This vehicle also has Nissan’s next-generation autonomous driving tech and much-touted Brain to Vehicle (B2V) technology. This is said to be very effective in improving autonomous driving prowess and improve learning process from driver actions.

ProPILOT Technology

The new model gets the company’s ProPILOT technology a type of semi-autonomous driver assist system. Additionally, the B2V system keeps a tab on the health condition of the driver. Furthermore, it can take actions faster than a human brain acts.

The IMX concept has a special steering wheel that can retract. When the self-drive mode gets selected, the steering wheel retracts and seats get reclined too. Again, the seats and steering revert to earlier positions when the manual drive mode is selected.

Nissan IMX rear

Nissan IMX Price and Availability Rumors

Nissan has remained tight-lipped on the details of the concept making it to production ramp. We expect this model to be on the market sometime in 2020. The price from some rumors may be in the range from $30,000 to 40,000.

Summing it up

Nissan IMX concept seems a very exciting electric vehicle that has got a good response. It also has a powerful electric powertrain and the autonomous driving tech deserves applauds. However, a lot of specifications are unknown and pricing is an issue where Nissan has to be careful.

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