2019 BMW iX3 Price, Release date, Specs

Just like pretty much all carmakers in these days, Bavarian giant also works in a bunch of new all-electric vehicles. Simply, this is a willy-nilly process in the evolution of the automotive industry and internal-combustion engines will soon become nothing more than a memory. One of the countries that insist on electrification most is China. So, it’s no wonder that new 2019 BMW iX3 had its premiere at the Beijing Motor Show a few months ago.

This model is a new all-electric vehicle that comes from BMW. It is based on a small X3 crossover, but also comes with a bunch of its own design solutions. At the moment, we don’t have information about the launch date, but the next year seems certain.

2019 BMW iX3 front view

2019 BMW iX3 Exterior Design

The new 2019 BMW iX3 is largely based on standard X3, just like we’ve mentioned. Not only that it rides on the same platform, but also features pretty much the same look. In terms of size and proportions, these two models are identical. Differences in terms of styling are minimal. Of course, the biggest differences are at the front. While someone would think of tweaks that should emphasize car’s electric character, BMW sticks to the philosophy that insists on the same approach that designers have on conventional cars. So, it’s no wonder that the biggest difference at the front is a new bumper. There is a minimal reshaping, which includes new trim and new design of LED daytime running lights. Also, there is a new grille. Naturally, if features closed design since there is no need for air cooling in this case.

At the rear end, you can notice almost identical taillights and other parts of the crossovers. The biggest difference is once again on a bumper, which features body-colored center section and a little bit cleaner lines. Rest of the crossover looks pretty much identical.

2019 BMW iX3 side view

2019 BMW iX3 Interior Design

The cabin of 2019 BMW iX3 will be pretty much the same as in base X3 model. There is a familiar X5-based layout, which includes a lot of horizontal lines and a combination of several shades of the same colors. The dashboard is almost identical. The biggest change is a new instrument cluster. Of course, it is adapted to the electric powertrain. In practice, this means that the new instrument panel will be showing things like battery state, range, and similar things. Rest of the interior will remain unchanged. Thanks to the new drivetrain and battery design, engineers have managed to save a lot of space, so there is no bigger difference compared to combustion models in this aspect at all.

2019 BMW iX3 rear view

2019 BMW iX3 Powertrain

The core of the new 2019 BMW iX3 is an all-new electric powertrain. Instead of base X3 models, this one relies on a powerful electric motor, which offers both more efficiency and quieter work. In the concept version that was presented a few months ago at the Beijing Motor Show, this crossover features a mighty 270-hp electric motor. For the production version, we will probably see a slight detuning, most likely to 250 horses, roughly. On the other side, the company should also offer a hi-performance, M-badged version, which will be good for full 300 horsepower, if not even more. When it comes to the battery, the concept version featured a 70-kWh battery, which ensures around 250 miles on a single charge. Will we see the same numbers in production models, time will show.

2019 BMW iX3

2019 BMW iX3 Release Date and Price

The 2019 BMW iX3 should come sometime in the next year. However, we still can’t say anything more precise about the launch date. When it comes to price, expect a significantly higher tag compared to base gasoline models. Considering that the base X3 goes around 41.000, this one will certainly cost over 50.000 dollars in its base variant. We should find out more details in the next few months.

2019 BMW iX3 Competition

When it comes to electric crossovers, the first model that comes to our mind is Tesla Model X. This crossover already established its position in the market and should remain class-leader in the next few years. Another competitor should be a model from the arch-rival company. It is Mercedes EQC, which is a part of the company’s new, all-electric EQ division. Another model that should be considered is the Jaguar I-Pace. This model has been introduced recently and offers not just a nice dose of luxury, but also plenty of power and pretty respectable range. However, it starts at 69.000 dollars, which could be a big drawback, especially if BMW manages to keep the price of its iX3 under 60.000.

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