2021 Ford Ecosport Review: USA, Price, Colors, Interior

2021 Ford Ecosport

The segment of subcompact crossovers is one of the most crowded segments in today’s automotive industry, especially when it comes to mainstream brands. Therefore, it looks like the Blue Oval company could have done more, as currently offers a pretty outdated EcoSport. Although it was launched in North American just …

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2021 Ford Baby Bronco: Price, Sport, News, Release date

2021 Ford Baby Bronco release date

For over two decades, SUV enthusiasts were begging the Blue Oval company to bring back the legendary Bronco. Nowadays, we have two of them. Besides the long-awaited body-on-frame Bronco, we will also see a smaller SUV, which will ride on a unibody platform, as Bronco Sport. The 2021 Ford Baby …

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2021 Ford Flex Comeback Rumors, Price, Interior

2020 Ford Flex Release Date

Just a year ago, the original Ford Flex was discontinued and we are already getting reports about the comeback. The original version was in production for a full decade. Meanwhile, we saw one facelift but sales have never been particularly amazing. Moreover, there were usually around 25.000 units on a …

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2021 Ford Explorer Sport, Interior, Release date


The new generation of the popular crossover is here. It came with significant improvements in many aspects but that doesn’t mean we won’t see novelties for the second production year. At this point, we are still waiting for the official confirmation, but it looks pretty much certain that the 2021 …

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2021 Ford Expedition Might Get Facelift

2021 Ford Expedition changes

In the world of full-size SUVs, the Expedition definitely takes the place of one of the best choices buyers can make. Efficient and powerful engines, good handling and loads of space are some of its main characteristics. Moreover, this SUV offers pretty smooth ride quality, on par with much more …

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2021 Ford Excursion Could Come Back

2021 Ford Excursion Rendering photo

Once upon a time, there was a super-huge SUV, known as the Excursion. That was in the early 2000s but the interesting project didn’t last for too long. After five years or so, this large vehicle was discontinued, due to slow sales. However, times are changing and the demand for …

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2020 Ford Endeavour Facelift, Price, India

2020 Ford Endeavour

The 2020 Ford Endeavour is the Indian name for the truck-based Everest SUV. The model is very popular in Asia and South Africa. We can compare this vehicle to the Explorer, but the US SUV is using a unibody platform. The main rival to this vehicle are Toyota Fortuner and …

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2021 Ford Edge Hybrid, Redesign, Sport, ST

2021 Ford Edge

Despite the rumors, the 2021 Ford Edge won’t receive a complete overhaul. Most likely, the current generation will carry on for a couple of more years. Those are the latest reports about the model that has been launched four years ago and updated recently. The recent update has brought novelties …

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