Aston Martin DBX SUV Concept

Almost three years after the launch of the Aston Martin DBX SUV Concept, we are still waiting for the production version. If you liked this concept, don’t be scared of this long waiting. The new crossover will definitely come. The reason is simple. SUVs and crossovers are must-have vehicles for every carmaker in the world. This includes even ultra-luxurious manufacturers like Aston Martin. Simply, long-term survival plans of all carmakers must include all types of vehicles. Times when some companies were specialized for specific car types have passed. Nowadays, everyone tries to offer as many vehicles as possible. This company definitely won’t be an exception.

The new crossover is in preparations and should come in about two years. Until then, we will have to wait and admire the concept. Latest reports suggest that production model will follow DBX SUV Concept’s design almost completely, including almost complete styling and interior design.

aston martin dbx suv concept review

Aston Martin DBX SUV Concept design

The Aston Martin DBX SUV Concept came almost three years ago and pretty much everything is known about it. However, it remains to see how closely production model will resemble the concept. According to latest reports, we are about to see pretty much the same exterior design. The new SUV will feature a familiar, ultra-attractive styling. We are about to see a famous grille design, while headlights could come with some minor tweaks. However, it is still unclear about model’s final body style. To remind you, the concept features the unusual two-door coupe-like crossover body style.

On the other side, some reports suggest a more conventional four-door body. Time will show will the famous British manufacturer is willing to risk, or it is going to play on safe. On the inside, we expect nothing less than a luxury. This brand is among most exclusive in the world, so expect unexpected.

aston martin dbx suv concept interior

Aston Martin DBX SUV Concept platform

An interesting thing about this model is that it was expected that the production model will use Mercedes’s platform. The agreement was very close, but the company decided to rely on its own technologies. So, the new production model will feature Aston Martin’s architecture, just like the Aston Martin DBX SUV Concept. For those who want some more specific details, it is the same platform that company uses for the new DB11 Coupe. Of course, engineers made some modifications, to make it more appropriate for the SUV, but the core is pretty much the same. So, the new body and chassis will include a massive use of aluminum and some other light materials. This should provide some necessary weight savings, crucial in the segment for luxury cars.

aston martin dbx suv concept side view

Aston Martin DBX SUV Concept engine

Despite the fact that the new model will ride on Aston Martin’s platform, it will still rely on German technology in terms of powertrain. As you probably know, details about Aston Martin DBX SUV Concept’s engine remained unclear. On the other side, there are pretty certain predictions for the production model.

According to them, we are about to see AMG’s familiar 4.0-liter bi-turbo V8 unit, which is good for about 503 horsepower and 498 pound-feet of torque. Also, there is a chance to see Aston Martin’s 5.2-liter V12 engine in the offer. This monstrous engine delivers 600 horsepower and 516 pound-feet of torque.

A hybrid version should come as well. Some reports suggest the same powertrain that we saw on the Mercedes-AMG GT Concept. The total system delivers impressive 800 horsepower. Finally, an all-electric version will come eventually, but that won’t happen so soon.

aston martin dbx suv concept rear view

Aston Martin DBX SUV Concept production

The Aston Martin DBX SUV Concept should finally get its production version somewhere around 2020.

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