2020 Jeep Wagoneer Redesign, Price

The revival of the legendary nameplate has been practically official for some time. Still, we haven’t got any possible launch date so far. Latest reports suggest the new SUV will be delayed once again. What does this mean, it is hard to say at this point. Still, we hope that the new model will come in the next few years, probably as 2020 Jeep Wagoneer.

Despite these speculations about the launch date, we have no doubt in how the new SUV will look like, at least when it comes to base design characteristics. Along with the Wagoneer, the Grand Wagoneer will come as well, as its long-wheelbase version. The new model will be a full-size, three-row SUV, something that this carmaker, as well as whole FCA Group desperately needs.

2020 Jeep Wagoneer

2020 Jeep Wagoneer Specs

There is no doubt, the 2020 Jeep Wagoneer will be a full-size SUV, designed to compete with models like the Ford Expedition, Chevy Tahoe/Suburban, and others. Therefore, it isn’t hard to guess the platform which it new SUV about to use. It will borrow the platform from the new Ram 1500. The legendary truck came completely new recently, with a new architecture that brings lots of improvements. Of course, the 2020 Jeep Wagoneer will feature some modifications but the core is definitely about to remain the same. Two model will share almost complete mechanics. Still, there is a chance to see an independent suspension in the offer for the new SUV, in order to get more comfortable. On the other side, expect a styling that completely follows Jeep’s design philosophy.

2020 Jeep Wagoneer Exterior Design

In terms of styling, the 2020 Jeep Wagoneer will follow Jeep’s newest design, as we already mentioned. What that actually means, it is hard to say, since the company’s flagship model, Grand Cherokee still waits for the redesign. Considering that the upcoming redesign probably won’t feature any radical changes, we count on the basic design solutions similar to the current-generation Grand Cherokee. It seems certain that the famous grille will continue with vertical bars, with possible minor restyling.

On the other side, count on a more aggressive approach in areas like headlights, bumpers etc. In terms of overall shape, the new SUV will come in a classic wagon body layout. Count on boxy lines that would provide lots of space on the inside and generous cargo area. Besides Wagoneer, we expect to see a new Grand Wagoneer. In this case, it will be a long-wheelbase version of the SUV. This version will compete for stretched models like Chevy Suburban and Expedition XL.

2020 Jeep Wagoneer side view

2020 Jeep Wagoneer Interior

Despite being one of the world’s most renowned SUV makers, Jeep actually doesn’t have a vehicle that comes with three rows of seats in its offer. The new 2020 Jeep Wagoneer would come with three rows in base versions, with capacity for up to eight passengers, seven in versions with second-row captain’s chairs. This will be a flagship model, so expect pretty upscale cabin. This refers not just to materials choice, but the overall interior styling as well. Most likely, the new Ram 1500 will be the biggest inspiration in terms of the dashboard layout, of course with a bunch of Jeep’s exclusive details.

Besides lots of space in all three rows, the new 2020 Jeep Wagoneer should also come with a generous cargo area. The Grand Wagoneer would come with several more inches. It would be crucial especially for the third row of seats, which would, in this case, be large enough to comfortably accommodate adult passengers as well. Another important aspect is a list of standard equipment. There is no doubt that the new SUV will feature a pretty long list, considering that we are talking about the new flagship model after all. The trim level organization should be usual for Jeep and other models from FCA Group. It should include designations like Laredo, Limited, Overland, as well as performance-oriented models like Trailhawk, Trackhawk, SRT etc.

2020 Jeep Wagoneer interior

2020 Jeep Wagoneer Engines

Here is another area of the new SUV that leaves lots of space for speculations. Of course, we expect to see a wide range of engines in the offer. Base models will most likely come with six cylinders. Of course, a familiar 3.6-liter comes first to our minds. On the other side, higher trims would feature bigger, V8 units. Currently, there are three engines that FCA installs in its models. The first one is a 5.7-liter unit with around 395 horsepower. A bigger 6.4-liter engine is good for about 475 horses and 470 pound-feet of torque. Finally, there is a 6.2-liter engine, reserved for most powerful versions of the new model. If the SRT model arrives, count on those monstrous 707 horses as well.

2020 Jeep Wagoneer fornt view

2020 Jeep Wagoneer Release Date and Price

Latest reports suggest that the new 2020 Jeep Wagoneer will come in about two years. It seems too early to speculate about price. Still, if we consider that those other models in class feature starting prices between 45.000 and 50.000 dollars, we can expect something similar to this model.

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