2019 Mercedes EQ Concept

The 2019 Mercedes EQ lineup of electric cars will soon get into production, as it is evident from the new developments. Like several other carmakers, luxury car manufacturer Mercedes Benz is betting big on vehicles driven by green energy and electricity. Clearly, the German car manufacturer is in no mood to let newcomers like Tesla and rivals like GM walk away with a large share of the market in this fast-growing segment.

Jason Hoff, the CEO of its US branch said in a recent interview, the company is thinking of using electric and hybrid powertrain in 25 percent of models in near future. 

2019 Mercedes EQ front

2019 Mercedes EQ The journey into the electric league

The first big splash made by Mercedes Benz in electric vehicle segment was in form of the EQ concept vehicle- an SUV coupe. It was shown at the 2016 Paris Motor Show. Now, the company is planning to make at least 10 models under EQ lineup by 2022. The first 2019 Mercedes EQ vehicle will be an SUV, as per the sources. While the EQ C, a production version of the Concept model shown in 2016 will have 500 km range on a single charge, the EQA, another variant is already there on the horizon.

The 2019 Mercedes EQ series model is yet to be sold commercially but that has not prevented the luxury German brand to showcase a second model! The Concept EQA was displayed at Frankfurt Motor Show 2017. It got the expected response and the car is slated for a 2018 or 2019 release.

2019 Mercedes EQA Design and Safety

The upcoming Mercedes EQA electric car also sports a dynamic and bold design language and its futuristic styling hint at the future of Mercedes vehicle design. The gleaming black bonnet and dark-tinted panoramic roof contrast well with alu silver paintwork on its body. There are no conventional door handles and exterior mirrors. It gets a virtual radiator grille which will change in appearance based on drive mode selected. However, the company has used laser fibers for the headlights which adds to the visual oomph. The same technology has been also used in the taillights too. At the side, there are Led strips aiding in remote parking. The 20-inch twin-spoke wheels accentuate the space age look. Not much is known about the cabin at this point. However, it may have seating capacity for 5 adults and will have touch controls in abundance.

The EQA electric vehicle will get latest safety feature and amenities but the details are yet to be divulged by the company. Advanced radar guided safety features are expected.

2019 Mercedes EQ interior

2019 Mercedes EQ Engine Specifications

Details of the powertrain to be used in the final production version are unknown. However, the EQA concept shown at Frankfurt auto show this year is powered by a couple of electric motors and combined output is 268 HP. It will be fast and take the car to 60 mph in only 5 seconds. The highest possible range on a charge is 400 km. There will be wireless charging options with support for quick charging. The engine will get an electric all-wheel-drive setup. However, there will be 2 driving modes- Sports Plus and Sport.

2019 Mercedes EQ side

2019 Mercedes EQ Price and Availability

The exact pricing of upcoming 2019 Mercedes EQ is not known. The release date could be in 2018 or 2019.

Summing it up

Furthermore, the 2019 Mercedes EQ is an exciting range which will comprise of many electric and hybrid vehicles. Two of the models are going to make their debut in near future and more will follow suit. Apart from the pricing, the EQ lineup faces a challenge from a new breed of rivals from stables of Tesla and GM.

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  1. Mary-Perry Miller

    When will the EQ and EQA be available to lease in 2019? I currently have a B250e that I like very much, but the range is way too short.

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