2021 BMW iNext SUV, Range, Specs

The 2021 BMW iNext could become reality. The concept looks pretty realistic, so the German company just have to start the production. The iNext is an all-electric SUV concept that will make the BMW a competitor. Well, it is not going to be easy to rival Tesla, but the Bavarian giant is ready to accept the challenge. On the other hand, the archrival, Mercedes, is delivering the full-size GLS with advanced hybrid technology. So, it is just a matter of time when we will see another luxury SUV with an electric drivetrain.

2021-iNext-front view

Like every concept, the iNext has a lot of breathtaking features. Honestly, we doubt in many of them for the production model. These are cool, but it would increase the price, and BMW must take care of that too. The 2021 BMW iNext will still keep some of the unique solutions, such as autonomous drive. Will it is a Level 4, we will have to wait to see. If that happens, the German carmaker is going to beat all the rivals.

2021 BMW iNext Level 4 Autonomous Drive

We already saw a lot of vehicles with unique interiors and exteriors, with interesting designs and solutions. Also, concept vehicles are there to introduce some of the most advanced technologies. For the 2021 BMW iNext that is definitely the Level 4 autonomous drive. There are five levels of the self-driving system. Currently, Tesla is a leader in development with their models using a Level 3. No other company reached this one though. So, having this in mind, we can figure out how hard is to earn each star for the autonomous drive. So, BMW’s plans are spectacular and we can’t wait to see if they can pull it off.

The 2021 BMW iNext and Level 4 means the SUV is getting a high automation function. The system will control the environment, accelerate and brake itself, eventually stopping the vehicle. The driver will have to be present in extreme emergency situations. However, BMW promised there will be another drive mode where the driver can switch to the manual controls.


Autonomous Drive Levels Explanation

There are five levels of autonomous drive. We are not taking the Level 0 since there is no self-driving feature there. The first level will offer you some basic options, such as acceleration. Also, Level 1 can offer an auto steering if possible. The second level adds more – deceleration and lane keep/departure assist. The driver still needs to be on alert, either with hands on the steering wheel or with a foot on pedals.

Level 3 is currently the highest level achieved. The differences are big and the vehicle is now monitoring the environmental and road situations. However, companies are complaining about it and the BMW is not the only one that wants to jump straight to Level 4. A lot of functions are available at Level 3, but the intervention of the driver is still too frequent. With Level 4, you can leave the driving to the machine. It is almost fully-autonomous drive with only some unknown situations for the computer where the driver would eventually need to intervene. Level 5, shortly described – the type where you want to go, sleep, wake up at your destination.


2021 BMW iNext Range, Specs

BMW is already electrifying its other models. The Flagship SUV, X5, will get a PHEV drivetrain next season. The 2021 BMW iNext will be the first true all-electric SUV. At this moment, we know the company plans to install the huge battery pack that will be able to deliver a range of 400 miles. Whatsoever, this will probably be the high-end model, with the smaller electric unit installed in base versions. These will be able to go 300-350 miles fully charged.

The company is also developing the special charging system for the upcoming 2021 BMW iNext. Recharge could take a long time sometimes, so BMW will deliver special chargers that will refill 80 percent of the battery in less than help an hour. However, the full-charge will last at least 90 minutes with these special instruments. Charging at home with standard outlets will take a few more hours, but not more than six.


2021 BMW iNext Release Date

The iNext concept was revealed in 2018. The company’s bosses came out with the plan to start production in 2021. With two more years ahead of us, we can’t say if this is going to happen. Everything looks too futuristic, and such announcements usually fall apart. But, the situation with 2021 BMW iNext is slightly different. We won’t see the same vehicle we saw on concept images. Retuned, the iNext electric SUV will appear in 2021. According to announcements, only 500 units will be available. The serial production is starting shortly after, and the 2022 model will appear in dealerships. It is not easy to determine the price of the SUV. The company made a lot of promises, but if all of them come true, the iNext could be one of the most expensive models ever crafted. 

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